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Possibly Too Soon: The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide

The Michael Jackson Pantone Color Guide

(yeah… its too soon for me)

Rosetta Stone Announces TOTALe

Rosetta Stone TOTALe(now this might be interesting… )

May actually get this, and of course review it. Been looking for a way to learn a new language. and this looks like something that I can add to my own knowledgebase as well as learn how to communicate to otehrs who are not from the USA. It may also broaden my business ventures as well.

I will be waiting on this one.

Ted Kennedy 1932-2009: The Dream That Never Died

Ted Kennedy has passed away. He was a real hero whether you agreed with him or not. he came from a family who believed in doing and not just talking. having money didn’t mean you should chill; you life will be judged by the work you do.

Rich, middle class, working class, poor, or homeless I think we all can learn from this family. Never stop dreaming, never give up. Do not let failure define your limits, use it to create your success.

Ted Kennedy died in his vacation home in Cape Cod.

Nerd Alert: Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah

Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah


(You gotta see the animation)

Robotic cheetah runcycle gif animation

This is something that has an incredible amount of detail. The parts and aarticulation is incredible. basically any movement that the cat can do, so can this creation.

Source: Book of Joe

Nerd Alert: Super Mario Goes Bananas Over Mushrooms

(very old video, but still funny as hell)

Music Mondays: Drake – Best I Ever Had (Video)

Its a video with meaning… did you catch iT?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Not sure many people will get the meaning behind the video. I am sure they will see the girls being half naked and notice the score at the end. I am also sure some people will notice how well prepared Team Drake was against the opposing team. But will people get the real message of the video? Continue reading

Headphones Are back: WESC Ed Banger Bongo Premium

WECS Ed banger bongo

(not sure why I am hungry right now)

Would this be considered a retro move? When the iPhone and iPod came out, headphones was dieing. Earphones was in (even though I never liked them I did use them with the iPod) and it was like that for years. All you would se in NYC was an ivory white line that was plugged into someones ear. You would occasionally get the black colored earphones but that was it.

Now, all of a sudden as of maybe early 2008 i have been seeing headphones… and more headphones. Now you see the hip hipsters who are in their early 20’s doing their thing being oblivious to the world in their dome like headphones. Now I see this on Caliroots (one of the trend-i-est sites on the web) and even i have to admit i want it.

Colab design with “Ed Banger” Records! Famously managed by Busy Pedro with great artist releases as; Justice, Sebastian, Uffie, Dj Mehdi , just to mention a few. These ones works well for all that party music. Really nice “Ed Phones”… Inter changeable ear cushioning in 2 colors included!

The cost is reasonable especially since earbud headphones can cost 40+

Oh and by the way, its currently on sale for half price at 39US so if you want them, go and get them.

A Sad Day and A Very Sad Week – Remembering Micheal

(what a sad day)

Because You Just Need It: Twitter Pillow

Twitter Icon Pillow

(I have no words for this)

Homeless SIMS: Their names Are Alice and Kev

Homeless SIMS - are you kidding me

Somehow and someway, the homeless issue has made its way to the SIMS game. And this entry isn’t just some aimless character that just hangs out somewhere while you play the game, these 2 people have stories.

Continue reading