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Music Mondays: 2Pac – Changes

(classic hit for the self-aware)

One of the lines in the song talks about being ready for a black president? Funy how things change. War in the Middle East hasn’t changed though.

Music Mondays: The Game featuring 50 Cent – Hate It Or Love it

(go ahead envy me…)

Music Mondays: Biggie Smalls – Skys The Limit

(I play this when I need to get pumped up for a workout)

Mr. Ugly Man Spoof

(from the minds of In Living Color)

Original CHAMPION LOVER!!! Peel off!!!


Music Mondays: Patra – Romatic Call featuring Yo-Yo

(freakin classic… remember those dance moves???)

(sure you do)

Music Mondays: A Tribe Called Quest – We Got The Jazz (Bugging OUT with Kid Cudi and Kayne Remix)

(I feakin LOVED this song!!!)

(especially the end)


(speaking of buggin out)

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Micheal Jackson and the Jackson 5 GET DOWN! Jackson 5 Variety Hour



A Sad Day and A Very Sad Week – Remembering Micheal

(what a sad day)

Music Mondays: Slick Rick – Children’s Story

(who doesn’t remember this one?)

If you were alive and older than 10, you remember this song. Hell, if you were born before 1983, you know this one. You may not know who did it, but you know it.

They did the job
Money came with ease
But one couldn’t stop, it was like he had a desease

He robbed another and another and a sister and a brother
Tried to rob a man, he was a DC undercover (whoops lol!!!)

Music Mondays: 3rd Bass – Steppin’ To The A.M.

(notice the dance moves and clothes… and Pete Nice’s chair)

I almost got that type of hair cut with script on the back of my head

Still might do it, like Kayne West did lol… I know people who COLD HATE THIS SONG but anyway you get THE GAS FACE for that pop goes the weasel!!! The retro movement continues…