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Music Mondays: Biggie Smalls – Skys The Limit

(I play this when I need to get pumped up for a workout)

Nice Tribute: Supra Skytop ‘Moonwalker’ Heat Sensitive Customs

Supra Skytop ‘Moonwalker’ Heat Sensitive Customs

(a nice tribute)

Is This For Freakin REAL???

(as seen on Kayne West’s blog)

Janet Jackson At The BET Awards Talks About Michael

(I wish I had a chance to see it…)

(luckily BET ALWAYS repeats awards shows 50-leven times)

Turns Out Molestation Case Against Micheal Was False (or is it?)



With the passing of Micheal Jackson, it would seem allot of stuff is aready coming out of the woodwork when it comes to him and the way he lived life. Here is just one of the many I have read so far while trying to do a tribute page for him.

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A Sad Day and A Very Sad Week – Remembering Micheal

(what a sad day)

Micheal Jackson Passes Away At 50 Of A Heart Attack

Rest in peace Micheal.

Live video feed whee news conference is being held is here. This is unbelievable…

ABC and NBC will do a tribute on it tonights. NYTimees has a small timeline of events.

Impossible Celebrity Couples on Worth1000

Halle Berry and Grant

(wow, that sort of looks natural)

(I knew Halle was an old soul)

Gwen + Chaplin

And I am telling you, there are some policitcal swipes in there as well as some John Wayne is gay/brokeback mountian jokes as well. Some are funny, while others are not so funny (and others just look wierd). Continue reading

Beyonce World Takeover According to Forbes Magazine

Beyonce arrives at the 81st Annual Academy Awards held -- Feb. 22, 2009.

(Beyonce’s Entertainment Empire… sounds a little scary)

(and yes that is a House of Dereon dress she is wearing)

Some how she turned herself from just a singer and into a brand. Earning money left and right and her clothing line is doing well with high end couture as well as mass market clothes. So how does she do it? Forbes attempts to mind someones else’s business to find out.

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Beyonce: Making of Sweet Dreams

(somewhere in Brooklyn…)


I Am… Tour IS in EFFECT