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Apple Tablet Coming Soon… On Verizon?

apple tablet early 2010(possible tablet look?)
apple-tablet Patent 400

(old news if you follow the tech crown, but its still awesome!)

This would be a nice look if they actually do it. I love my iPod touch (that I actually bought for someone else, bu that is a long story) and I can only imagine having a bigger tablet form of it for media, learning videos, blogging and so forth; Nevermind having all those apps that are currently bulging from the Apple Store.

Now lets hope that this thing doesn’t cost 600+ dollars cause if it does, i won’t be getting it. i would much rather get my HP notepad for 800 bucks that will have windows7 on it than a bigger iPod touch for 200 dollars less. I would just rather keep my Touch or upgrade it (still waiting for Apple to add a camera to it and allow more than WiFi connectivity… I would gladly pay 50 bucks a month for online unlimited service…. and no I really don’t want a iPhone)

So will this Apple Tablet really happen? And will it be better than what others are doing including TechCrunch’s Crunchpad (another professional tablet for those who are in business for themselves or are just profesionals in a given field)?

Looks like 2010 will be a interesting year.

Rosetta Stone Announces TOTALe

Rosetta Stone TOTALe(now this might be interesting… )

May actually get this, and of course review it. Been looking for a way to learn a new language. and this looks like something that I can add to my own knowledgebase as well as learn how to communicate to otehrs who are not from the USA. It may also broaden my business ventures as well.

I will be waiting on this one.

So Is This What Is Happening In The USA?

(if this is all “lets try this”, then why is it happening?)

With everything that was said, especially by the Judge (that’s what the call him), why is it that  no one has been able to stop what they are talking about? Why hasn’t anyone who has gone to court to fight it win? And what is all this talk of Fascism? lol What happened to calling Democrats socialists?

I do agree with one thing: Note and Secured Bond holders should always be first, stockholder second and all others third. It has been that way for a while and many businesses as well as investors depend on that being the case in order to assess risck. Legally that is how it is suppossed to go down. Changing that without cactually changing the law is not a good move at all. I am not into all of the fear talk, but if you want to here more listen below.

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As seen on Autoblog Gallery
As seen on Autoblog Gallery

(^^^ how can you not like this ^^^)

Somebody actually did a review of the Camaro (from the company that we all own in one way or another) that is saying that the car isn’t as great as everyone may thing it is. It may, get this, only be truly liked by Camaro lovers, but the general public may not like the car.


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So Eddie Bauer Files For Chapter 11

Eddie Bauer Bankruptcy


The whole story is in currently on Yahoo via AP. I have always wondered about them and how thy stayed in business because after the 90’s they seemed to fall off the map. Anyway, its a Chapter 11 so I guess they plan on staying in business.

Remember the Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition? lol I remember really wanting that car.

They have sales going on right now on their site so if you want something, now is the time to get it.

The Death of Youtube???

(redesign hurts the little guy)

(or does it???)

I have to admit, I totally agree with most of what he is saying. Many people have NO IDEA how business works. I am begining to think some pople think business is magic, like Lucky Charms or something.

So people will get mad that Youtube will try to actually make money off of a site that is NOT making money. People use it to an N’th degree but somehow becuase it is being used so much that it must be profitable. Wrong.

Its hard to advertise Trix cereal next to a guy spitting explitives and talking about liking squirl nuts.

I personally have some idea how how Youtube and other sites can earn more money, but it still won’t be enough to pay for all the bandwidth they expend just on playing the videos. So what happenes? Site redesign. probably one of a few designs that will come down the pike to try to make YouTube profitable.

I am looking forward to seeing it, because I like YouTube, but they won’t last bleeding money like they are now.

A Very Interesting Commercial Website: Dr Pepper + Dr pepper Musuem

Dr Pepper Wallpaper 1970's

(its 2009! we got 32″ widescreeen LCD screens and standard 19″ CRT…)

(why don’t they make bigger wallpapers? lol)

Came across this site while browsing one of my favorite sneaker blogs (yes, I do collect sneakers, but I also collect mens shoes cause if your going to be grown AND sexy, you gotta have shoes lol) and decided i would click on one of their advertisments to support them and other such blah blah blah and it took me HERE to the Dr. Pepper website. Its pretty cool especially the falling soda into the glass. You gotta see it (requires Flash.. of which most computer in the US have almost by default).

What’s even cooler (to me at least) is that they also have a Dr Pepper Musuem (with website and all the fixins). Of course they have a blog (of which they actually update) and they also have a Twitter account (are big companies catching on as to how to use this stuff? maybe), a MySpace account, and a YouTube account.

I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in years… maybe more than a decade. I will admit though, that this is the first time I have thought about actually getting one in a long time.

Interesting MTA Ad: Vitamin Water Train

Subway Vitamin Water Ad

(as seen on The Railfan Window Blog)

I already know they are taking the train ads to another level, but this is crazy. Well, actually its pretty cool. You just have to see the inside of the subway car cause that just makes it cooler.

They also did something cool with Atlantic Ave/Pacific Street too with MoMA

I don’t know if this would work on a normal subway train with 8 to 10 cars. If they did do it, they would have to keep it special and not do it on every FREAKIN train they have. I hope they don’t bow into pressure to do just that because it will definailty lower their ad rate and after a while NY’ers will just ignore it. Keep it special and they won’t be much of a way to ignore it at all.

Begin rant
And when exactly are they going to start using their website as a Web 2.0 portal to find shops, travel, pictures, and more? I think they are missing a grand opportunity turn turn a nice revenue for a site that most people would go to if the information on shops was there.
End Rant

I’m Just Not Cool Enough To be A MAC Person – MS New Commercial

(oh no they didn’t !!!!)

This may actually work for Microsoft. The economy, fears of the new great depression (or at least a great recession) has put some of Macintosh’s offerings out of reach for many people.

Looking cool is no longer affordable.

So getting the MAc 17″ for 2Grand may be too much at this time… so why not get a HP running Vista? lol Hey, if a red head is not cool enough for a Mac, neither am I. Despite this commercial, I still plan on getting my 2 Mac computers; one will be a laptop (but not the 2,000 one lol) and the other will be the use desktop Mac from PerScholas). For the used desktop I still have to by the OS (PerScholas can sell the used computer but not with the OS). I want the Mac desktop for my more private info… and I don’t have to worry about hackers continuoisly trying to engage my system. No don’t get me wrong, Macs are just as vonerable to outside viruses as PC but most of thos individuals who make the programs to take over your computer tend to go for PC because most people have them.

Mac or PC

So in this economy (that seems to have hit bottom… stock matket went from 6500 to 7500 and is staying there, and housing sales are on the rise) will you get a PC over a Mac like she did? She got a 17″ HP for what looked like 700 dollars with lots of Ram and CPU power for less than a G note.

But before you go, read this quote from Fortune CNN blog:

  • “Lauren” is an actress, not the ordinary American shopper the ad claims
  • The Apple Store scene was faked; before-and-after photos suggest that she never actually went into the store to try the computers
  • The $699 HP Pavillion dv7 she chose over a $999 MacBook is a mess. “It is the epitome of what people dislike about PCs,” writes Computerworld’s Seth Weintraub. “It runs Vista Home on a slow AMD mobile processor … its screen is abysmal … its networking is five years old … it is loaded with crapware and trial antivirus software that will have to be purchased or wiped off the machine.” (link)

Source: Apple 2.0 – Fortune CNN Blog

…or maybe you should just go for a Linux laptop using Ubuntu?

Bernie Madoff Goes To Jail

(an this is just the begining because he HAD to have had help)