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The Supply Side Revolution from the Kudlow Report

Ok everyone, I think this is an important video to watch. This is what I was taught when I took that economics course. This is what most people are taught… even those politicians who seem to say otherwise. I know we all have our political views, but I bet we can all agree one one thing: The US government needs to give us more of our own money back. Stop taxing us to “create wealth” somewhere else, let us do it. Lower taxes during a recession, not increase it, give businesses the ability to re-invest in themselves so they can hire more people and buy more products, allow people to start their own business easily, get us as much of those tax dollars you can spare and le us recover the economy.Period

Make the economic pie bigger, don’t just slice the one we have into more parts.

The new normal indeed… Watch the video, especially the first minute.

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Lets be grown about this. Let us really and TRULY get all sides of this and what is going on. I can tell you right now that we may be in for some trouble if our government continues to spend money it doesn’t have and print money just to pay its own debts (while at the same time devaluing the dollar… those gas prices are going to go up again, but not because oil is more expensive, it because you dollar is worth less than it was)

One thing to really remember (and I am going to write about this in detail one day), the reason why the American middle class is shrinking is not just because the rich are getting richer; It is because the money we earn is worth less and less. For people with millions (especially high net worth earners), it doesn’t matter as much, but for us, it matter allot.

Why not just take a fall getaway when the deal is good?

Club med, L’Auberge De Sedona, Donovan House, USVirgin Islands… man, do you think Today Show is really hooking us grown and sexy up right here.

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Some great stuff here. makes me want to go on vacation right now. too bad I don’t have many days to take off… and the holidays are coming up so it will be just crazy hard to get a day off.

By the way, I will be doing some major updating here in the next month. Expect that if you are a regular visitor that you will be able to come here and see some specific things. For example, starting next month (and you may see some examples of this already) I will be posting most of my politically related stories on Sundays. Another example is that anything that has to do with autos will most likely be posted on Tuesdays. This will be a general rule but not always followed.

There will also be updates to the detail pages and more channel posts for those who just want to stop by on specific days to watch/read specific stuff. The same thing will be happening to my twitter channel of which will be sub-divided very shortly (general, lifestyle + travel, politics, tech and IMPORTANT

I am also VERY SLOWLY developing a site that is based off of what I am doing here but will be more large scale and more community based. More info on that as it comes.

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Maserati Quattroporte S – Luxury So Good Its A Saloon… Not A Car


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Now this is one fantastic lxury car for those who are grown. lets face it, drive this down a normal neighborhood and most people wouldn’t even know what type of car it is. most people would probably screw up the name that is if they would bother to even notice the vehicle.

Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS

(looks best in black or that silverish grey… won’t recommend the burnt yellow)

Maserati Quattroporte Sport GTS

(the back is very understated – in other words its not that fantastic)


(as usual with luxury cars, the interiors are fantastic)


(one hot ride)

Its one of the cars on the top ten cars to get if your grown and sexy for 2009 (list to come out later this October). yes its sort of late in the year for it, but I  figure why not. Next year though it will come out early Spring 2010. Don’t be mad if the same cars keep showing up on the list because they are just too hot.

Head over to Maserati to find out more about their cars. That drop top is pretty good looking as well. May take the BMW 3 series drop top coupe out of my favorite drop top… guess there should be a comparison post on that later.

HTC Imagio for Verizon unboxing and hands-on



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Drake & Trey Songz – Successful

[For Those Of Us Who Want To Be Successful]

{And Know What It Takes To Get There]

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How to Write a Check: How to Balance Your Checkbook from

It may be embarrassing but many people many not really know how to write a check or balance their checkbook. usually its the parents who teach you this as a kid, but if the parent doesn’t know or if the parent did teach the kid and the kid forgot… well, money issues seem to be a problem in the American household so here is something for those who may want an update on how to write a check and balance your checkbook (yes I know, balancing your check book is more complex than what the video shows, but its a simple video on what to do)

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HTC’s HD2 (with video) gets Reviewed At Engadget


[These HTC phones are looking really good]

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These HTC phones are looking really good

Last week there was a big blow out of new phone releases. This is NOT one of them, but is one of the newer cell technologies that is one its way to our hands. Engadget gets its hands on it and the video is pretty interesting. So is WinMobile 6.5. I personally want the AT&T Tilt2 (aka the HTC TouchPro 2… its the same phone) since I have AT&t but I was looking forward to leaving them at the end of my contract…. so it looks like I will be buying the phone at full price.

Lets hope its worth it, because if it isn’t it will be going right back to the store.

Quote from Engadget about the phone:

HTC’s just announced HD2 — also known as the Leo. It’s got exactly the same specs we just heard about: a 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive display, a 1GHz MSM8250 Snapdragon processor, integrated FM radio, a 5-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. They found this Windows Mobile 6.5 baby to be elegant and light feeling in the hand, the touchscreen to be responsive and quick, and HTC’s Sense UI beautiful. The phone’s also quite snappy, and we have to say we can’t wait to get our hands on one ourselves

Its probably only a matter of time before it gets here.

Dumplin’ Butt I s What I Want – From Hip Hop Honors Airing Oct 13th


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It may not be Monday, but I couldn’t let this one pass me by.

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SwissBike and Montague Folding Bike (now with demo video) and the Schwinn S -25 Dual Suspention Bike

[a very interesting bike right here]

[and yes I plan on getting it sometime next year April]

2008 Paratrooper Mountain BIKE


[Now Isn’t That Just The Best Thing You Saw Today?]

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This is one awesomely freaking cool bike! I think its been out there for a while, but I guess I didn’t take notice of it until today after applying for my ZipCar

2009 Models: SwissBike XO[crazy expensive – Bet $799 and $2000 – but worth it]

Schwinn S-25 Dual Suspention Bike


I wanted to get like 3 different bikes.One to ride around Brooklyn (and beyond) in just to take pictures and video of cool places, the others would be for long distance riding, workouts, and any bike tours I end up doing. the last like was for travel and to ride to work.

Now I can just get 2 bikes. One for just casual riding around and the other (the folding bike from Swissgear and Montague) for long rides, workouts and riding to work.

If you want  to do the same thing then its gonna cost you 250 for the Schwinn from Target and around 800 dollars for the Paratrooper Floding Mountian bike from Montague. While I am sure the folding bike pricie will stay the same, the bke from Target will probably be reduced if you wait for the winter or decide to buy it next year (same model – Schwinn S-25). I know enough about bikes to know that this is what usually happens when you buy a buy from a chain store like Toys R Us or Target.

Nevertheless I am still getting my bike tomorrow, but I do have other reasons to get it than just casual riding  and taking pictures of Brooklyn (more on that in the fututre). If you guys want to get your folding bike on visit Montague or Swissgear’s websites. It not only a bike you can really travel with, but get some exercise with. Sounds like a good investment (hmmmm… I hear people saying how something is a good investment, but just keep in mind that a investment is as only as good as the investor who make it worth something)

BMW reveals Vision EfficientDynamics turbodiesel plug-in hybrid concept


BMW reveals Vision EfficientDynamics turbodiesel plug-in hybrid concept

(as seen on

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And it gets even better. The doors, the look, the style… totally for those who love the drive  while also doing something for the enviornment. So head to Autoblog for more. Also check out MotorTrend for more pics


BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept Front Motion


(freakin AWESOME)

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