There are PLENTY of fashion blogs out there. For sure, there are plenty of tech blogs and blogs with a political twist. Heck, there are probably even more blogs out there that try to speak on the everyday issues of life from kids to finance, but how many blogs combine tech and fashion with business and politics AND do it from the prospective of a Black male nerd who is born and raised in the city?

Not enough.

Being Grown and Sexy is a blog that focused on top fashion, delves into  cool technology, what’s happening in entertainment and politics (because they are both quite entertaining indeed). Its a fashion and tech blog with an opinion and a perspective of someone who tends not to see color, but because of the times, knows he is Black.

Its about  being healthy, being fashionable and being the biggest technology and gadget freak on the block all while being responsible by being involved with your community and your representatives.

That’s right, I’m a tech geek who loves media and the internet, digital art and design, business and politics… and I’m Black.

While focusing on issues of the times (politics, world news, and business), I will also focus on fashion, lifestyle and culture. This blog will have a big section on fashion and culture and lifestyle with an emphasis on Black culture.


This blog is for fun and is made to be a stress relief. In no way to I mean to hurt, harm, or use any material that belongs to someone else.

Some of my links to clothing, accessories, and music can be affiliate links to sites such as Overstock, Macy*s, eBags, and Norstrom (others pending). While I do hold and affiliate account with these companies, my opinion of clothing and other articles are of my own and are not controlled by the affiliates. Basically, If I like it, I post it. If I wonder why it even exists, I will post it and say, “What’s wrong with these people?”

I do not control what happens when you click on links that lead outside of this blog.

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