Windows 6.5 For Cellphones Seems Real Nice


(I need a new phone)

WinMoblie 6.5


There is a video review on Engadget and if you are interested you  should take a look. Windows did push the envelope with this one, but it doesn’t beat HTC’s TouchFlo.  At least the window face is more customizable.

Some cool things about WindowsMobile:

  • New Today screen: Though the “classic” Today screen is still available, 6.5 introduces an all-new version that somewhat closely approximates the Zune’s home screen experience (whether that’s a harbinger of things to come remains to be seen). Perhaps more than any other single feature, the new Today screen gives 6.5 a freshened look — but ironically, many users will never see it because it’s often replaced by a manufacturer customization (in HTC’s case, TouchFLO).
  • “Honeycomb” Start screen: The main menu of old — a white screen with a grid of boring, old icons — looked like a relic of Windows 3.1. Happily, it’s gone here, replaced with a themed alternating list of thoroughly modern images for default apps. The Start menu is gone, too — pressing the Windows icon in the upper left of the screen now leads straight to the new Start screen.
  • Finger-friendly UI elements: Windows Mobile’s notorious for being unable to shake the stylus, but 6.5 makes some additional baby steps to help fingertips do all of the work — inertial scrolling in many screens and a redesigned context menu style both help here.
  • New lock screen: Though not revolutionary, Microsoft put a commendable amount of thought into this one — instead of merely settling to give the user one way to get back into their device, 6.5’s lock screen gives you multiple points of entry depending on the current status; if you’ve got a new text message, for example, you get a separate unlock slider that can take you straight to it.

And other new additions include a revamped internet explorer, windows marketplace, and exclusive content… whatever that is…

(just in case you wanted to see this…. Longest Windows 6.5 Review Ever)

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