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Timberland Premium Rounded High 6 Inch Heel in Wheat

Timberland Premium Rounded Heel 6 in Wheat

(I would LOVE to see my lady in these)

This particular Timberland boot comes in 3 colors: wheat, black, and tan. Tan actually is the best one while wheat (shown above) and the black ones come directly behind it. You can pick your up at either Eastbay.com or Finishline. Hurry, last year these went really fast, and they probably will do the same this year.

Price of admission is $119.99. Not too bad for a high heel boot.

Burberry – Check Nylon Ballerinas… and for the simple price of $279

Burberry-Check Nylon Ballerinas(really Burberry? is it lined with gold?)

If you want these then it will be rather assured that you may be one of a very few who has them. At the price they are selling them, not too many people will buy them.

The Ritz Boot Women’s Shoes By Zigi Shoes

Zigi Shoes-The Ritz Boot

(thigh high heel boots are hard to rock)

For the daring lady: Currently half off for $101 at Karmaloop

Windows 6.5 For Cellphones Seems Real Nice


(I need a new phone)

WinMoblie 6.5


There is a video review on Engadget and if you are interested you  should take a look. Windows did push the envelope with this one, but it doesn’t beat HTC’s TouchFlo.  At least the window face is more customizable.

Some cool things about WindowsMobile:

  • New Today screen: Though the “classic” Today screen is still available, 6.5 introduces an all-new version that somewhat closely approximates the Zune’s home screen experience (whether that’s a harbinger of things to come remains to be seen). Perhaps more than any other single feature, the new Today screen gives 6.5 a freshened look — but ironically, many users will never see it because it’s often replaced by a manufacturer customization (in HTC’s case, TouchFLO).
  • “Honeycomb” Start screen: The main menu of old — a white screen with a grid of boring, old icons — looked like a relic of Windows 3.1. Happily, it’s gone here, replaced with a themed alternating list of thoroughly modern images for default apps. The Start menu is gone, too — pressing the Windows icon in the upper left of the screen now leads straight to the new Start screen.
  • Finger-friendly UI elements: Windows Mobile’s notorious for being unable to shake the stylus, but 6.5 makes some additional baby steps to help fingertips do all of the work — inertial scrolling in many screens and a redesigned context menu style both help here.
  • New lock screen: Though not revolutionary, Microsoft put a commendable amount of thought into this one — instead of merely settling to give the user one way to get back into their device, 6.5’s lock screen gives you multiple points of entry depending on the current status; if you’ve got a new text message, for example, you get a separate unlock slider that can take you straight to it.

And other new additions include a revamped internet explorer, windows marketplace, and exclusive content… whatever that is…

(just in case you wanted to see this…. Longest Windows 6.5 Review Ever)