Politics: Rich People Live Longer Than Poor People (the rich vs poor divide continues)

Extreme Rich Poor Divides

(as first seen on the LIFE.files)

I just wanna be… I just wanna be successful…

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In a study, researchers found that a woman’s education was a stronger factor in her husband’s risk of dying over the next decade or so than the man’s own level of education. And a husband’s social class based on his occupation had a greater influence on a woman’s survival than her own occupational class, Drs. Robert Erikson and Jenny Torssander of the Swedish Institute for Social Research in Stockholm found…

…Men living with a woman without any high school education were 1.25 times more likely to die than men living with a college graduate…while a woman’s own occupational class had little effect on her risk of death, women married to unskilled manual and routine non-manual laborers were 1.25 times more likely to die.

Well, isn’t this a news flash…. I guess I am not too conventional (which is a good thing… but I hated it when I was younger) cause I am working class poor (those student loans are killing me) but I think I have done pretty well for myself especially since I am black and grew up in a working class neighborhood. (I was supposed to be either in jail or dead by the age of 25, but instead I am well educated, businesses owner, and never been arrested or thrown in jail…  as of yet.)

Ok… long rant coming up on this:

  1. Smart does not equal finishing school. Smart means having the ability, drive and ambition to learn what you need to know (and then some) so you can make better decisions. School is only part of that..
  2. Rich and educated people do better because of their drive, motivation, continued education of themselves, and the want and desire to do the research to get the best out of life.. Poor people tend to think that they are not smart enough or skilled enough and they stop trying after a few years or more of disappointing results… but you can never stop trying – EVER.

There are many reasons why poor people are poor, but the biggest I think is that poor people get too stuck on being poor. There are many physiological reasons for that of course (one being that your fighting just to keep a roof over your head and food on the table). Poor people and working class people can do better if given the tools to do better with AND if they are told that it is commitment, research, due diligence, and knowledge that leads to being successful… whether you finish school or not.

Most importantly whether you are poor or rich, it is how you think about yourself and your willingness to do your own due diligence to be a better person and have a great life is up to you for the most part. You are the only thing that you have total control over.

I am tired of the debate that goes on with Rich Vs Poor and the obsession over it. The best thing to do to help the poor is to educate them on how to become enriched. The school system is one way but its not the only way.

Well that was my rant… it is one of my pet peaves. The original post that The LIFE.files postes was not exaclty what I ranted about but the relationship of the basic idea behind the study made me think about what makes being poor so unhealthy.

I grew up poor, then as some point my family became part of the working poor and eventually the working class (working class for me is making 20-50k a year but you still live paycheck to paycheck AND if you loose your job, you have no savings to live off of) so I know struggles. I went to school and i am the first in my family to get a 4 year degree. I even have masters credits to go toward my MBA… I also, after achieving all of this, found myself unemployeed for almost 2 years and then under-employed for another 3 years.

Highly educated, skilled person earning 10k a year moving boxes out of a truck.

You may think I have a problem with that statement above. I used to, but I don’t anymore. you know why? because knowledge is power. I used what I learned and instead of waiting for someone else to hire me, I hired myself. Its the reason why I went into business for myself and I aint ever going back to just being someone else’s employee. Do I work for someone else now? Yes I do. But I refuse to depend on them to keep me paid.

I wrote it earlier in this rant and I will say it again: there are many reasons why poor people die earlier, eat worst, are more stressed out and are… well, poor; but the one thing that gets ignored the most is that poor people need education and knowledge to achieve a better standing in life. That education can come from many sources including school, the library, reseach, due dilligence, time, effort, commitment, being driven, and so forth. Most importanly, don’t just give a poor person a leg up or a helping hand, educate them on how to become rich themselves (or at the very least well off).


(don’t run into the door with your head, use your head)

(and try to steal from someone else… it usually ends bad)

I write it again: don’t just give a poor person a hand out, give them a hand up. Teach them how to fish while your putting a stay on their current hunger by giving them a fish. Knowledge is truly power. You may not have to be rich to live longer but you will be better off if you have the knowledge of how things work and what to do to create a better future for yourself.

For me, that knowledge is knowing how the economy actually works, understanding finance and business, getting a hold on politics, being a educated consumer and buying stuff that I like, want and will benefit me toward my future, and and getting my ideas developed so that future generations within my family or outside of it can benefit. i think if more poor people took control of there finances and education, they may still end up being poor, but they will be way better off. Most likely they will not stay poor (that is my feeling) due to the knowledge and the exercising of that knowledge will lead them to wealth.

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