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Pontiac GTO Still Alive?

Jim Wangers Pontiac GTO ALIVE

The Pontiac GTO is a muscle car legend. As the car that’s most often credited with kicking off the trend of putting the biggest available engine in the smallest available body, the praise and adoration are well-deserved. Despite the reality that the Goat wasn’t always the fastest ride available, Pontiac’s performer was an instant hit and it carried that momentum through the early 1970s.

Source Autoblog

I am not too into Pontiac but this I can get into if it looks just like it does in the picture above.

Is TomTom’s iPhone Car Kit Worth $120???

tomtom iPhone GPS

(what? 120 bucks and the iPhone app is sold separately?)

For a grand total of 120 dollars, tax not included, you get a fancy holder for your iPhone that hopefully enhances the GPS signal enough for it to be accurate enough to drive with. Somehow TomTom forgot to include the actul appthat will need to run on the iPhone in order to use it into the over all price. If they did the price would go up about 99 dollars because that is how much the app costs.

So the question is: is it worth buying all of this when you can get a stand alone GPS kit at close to the same price? For some I am sure the answer is yes. For me, the answer is no. The iPhone battery has enough to handle from music to video and games and all types of other apps. I think I will leave the car navigation to a particular self contained unit that is just for navigation.

Of course this is all for naught if you already have this installed into your car like many cars and trucks do have as an option.

Jaguar XJ Interior and Exterior… now with swing music

(the Jaguar is FINALLY starting to look nice inside and out)

Cut-Rate Supercars… Now YOU Could Afford Them!!!

(for 30 to 60k a pop you too can own a supercar)

(the depreciation  on these cars is just sad)

The World’s BEST 2009 Widebody Dodge Challenger

(if your trying for the muscle ook, the Dodge Challenger is the way to go)

I really wanted the Camaro (cause it looks better), but the Challenger is just begging to be customized more; So is the Ford Mustang. In he end, I think I will most definitly be going with the Challenger. It will be the 6th car on my list of top 5 wants… yes I know, top 6 does not include number 6, but I have some runers up that just have to be included.

Infiniti G37 Convertible Video Review from Kelley Blue Book

(I love it… but rather hace the hardtop)

(4 wheel adaptive steering… word)

The 2011 Infiniti M Virtual Reveal Video

(incredibly long winded but worth the wait)

Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens Desert Boots

Stussy Deluxe x Dr Martens Desert Boots(for the men who want the more mature sporty look)

Tech: Sex Offender App Hits The iPhone… only to be taken away later

sex offender app

(now this can be a useful app for any phone)

(too bad it was removed)

Archiecture: Ultramodern Water Houses in Dubai

Luxury Living on the Water

(now that’s a view!!!)

Now of course why would I want to live in a regular house when I can live in this? Talk about a water mansion! And it only gets better at Dubia:

The island of Nurai is one of the latest of Dubai developments to catch the fancy of foreign visitors and potential investors. While much of the expansion of Dubai has slowed there is still an enormous amount of money moving through it. The residences shown here (above) feature bridge-only accessibility, rooftop decks complete with private pools and countless other luxurious amenities (source Dornob)


Source: Dornob