Political Corner: No Death Panels

(FINALLY a reponse to a direct question)

So I am going over the Health Care debate and what’s in it and what’s not in it… its is bringing up very specific questions for me and I guess others who, while they want health care reform, do not believe the government can run it well. Anyway, it looks like one asnwer has been given about end of life counselling. From what she states it seems like just what it should b, that you should, if you want to, be able to talk to your doctor about how you want it all to end.

For some reason medicaid/medicare didn’t pay for that, but it will after the bill is passed.

The only thing for me is that how come you couldn’t do that in a normal doctors visit? Do you have to have a special visit to the doctor just for this? And if you do medicaid (and apparently plenty of for profit health care insurances) won’t be paying for it… but exactly how would they know that I went just for that?

In any event, I am glad thtis question for me is resolved. While it does bring up other questions (like the ones above), at least its not the outragous “death panel” that we keep hearing from the right (sadly it still doesn’t asnwer the question of if… IF… we go into another recession or the cost of the bill rises astronomically, how will we bring health care to everyone then and how will the limied money be allocated).

Until next time! And remeber, be grown, be sexy! Don’t just look good, do good; be involved and educate yourself.

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