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Autos: BMW S.X concept

bmw sx concept

(all I have to say is wow)

Source: AutoMotto.com

Makes You NOT Want To Go Across The Manhattan Bridge

(now thats FREAKIN scary)

And I quote:

When the Manhattan Bridge was first built, it contained a huge engineering flaw. Because the four subway tracks — two on the south side and two on the north — were built on the outside of the bridge as opposed to the center, the bridge would sway as the heavy trains drove back and forth between Brooklyn and Manhattan. As trains — and people — grew heavier, so did the stress on the bridge.

WTF??? While I was watching the video, I was trying to figure out what was making the bridge dip like that. Bridges natually move, but that dip had to be at least one foot. Watch the cllip carefully and you will see tht it only dips like that when the train is going by (you can see it better when day turns into night).

I wonder if people know the bridge is doing that while they cross it?

Nerd Alert: Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah

Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah


(You gotta see the animation)

Robotic cheetah runcycle gif animation

This is something that has an incredible amount of detail. The parts and aarticulation is incredible. basically any movement that the cat can do, so can this creation.

Source: Book of Joe