Architecture: 136 Amazing Approaches to Architecture

Amazing Campus Designs(amazing campuses on WebUrbanist)

WebUrbanist has this wonderful list of Architectual marvels (and the like) from around the world. Of course the list is broken down into sub categories. My favorite is the Biggest Moving Project In the World

136 Amazing Approaches to Architecture - 7) The Biggest Building Moving Project in the World

(twisting towers, 13,00 ton buildings moved… lovely)

Yeas I know, that isn’t actually Architecture, so I will add another favorite category and that is 15 Cool High School, College and University Building Designs:

Green Roof Art School in Singapore

(a very interesting idea)

This, by far, is the addest and most striking shot of all the pictures and its not because of architectural beauty:

Extreme Rich Poor Divides

(an interestingly sad situation played out in urban design)

Talk about a divide between the rich and the poor. And that wall inbetween them… its just wow. its like that fealling of going on the other side of the tracks and noticing something is just a little different.

Anyway, for more pics and info, check out WebUrbanist. Part 2 of this will be me diving deeper into the collage designs; especially that green building in Singapore

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