2009 Cadillac Escalade Platinum… Where Is It?

2009 Cadillac Escalade PLATNUIM - Autoblog

News of this release seemed to have disappeared. Maybe I missed it but its not even on the Cadillac .

If you buy your clothes by the parcel then you probably can afford this (even though no price have been given). This special Escalade with its special grill that looks allot like the new CTS will be a nice touch when you step out the suv with your band new suit from LV.

Some details about the car that I am most certain did not ever come out:

2008 Cadillac Escalade Platinum

Magnetic Ride Control, originally developed for performance vehicles such as the STS sedan, XLR Roadster and Chevrolet’s legendary Corvette, is the world’s fastest reacting suspension system and gives the Escalade Platinum more precise body motion control. It is a real-time damping system – “reading” the road in 1-milisecond intervals – that replaces conventional mechanical-valve shocks with electronically controlled shocks filled with a synthetic fluid containing minute iron particles. Under the presence of magnetic charge, the iron particles align to provide damping resistance almost instantly.

DVD entertainment system adds screens integrated into each front seat headrest, in addition to the existing roof mounted screen. Each front-row headrest screen has its own driver and input controls. The headrest units can be operated independently or in tandem. This system enables passengers in different seats to watch or listen to different entertainment choices, while leaving ultimate control with the driver. Escalade Platinum models will include the acclaimed Bose 5.1 Digital Surround system, as well as the eight-inch touch screen for DVD-based navigation and control of the DVD, CD, MP3 and XM Satellite radio entertainment.

I think its ok, but much like a good suit or an outfit, if you got bad looking shoes on, then it just doesn’t work. I have to say I just do not like those shoes on this Escalade.

I just don’t like the look at all.

If you are going to put the CTS front on, then put the CTS sides on too. And with all of that done, you GOT TO PUT BETTER SHOES ON THAT WHIP!!! Hell, leave the SUV the way it looks right now and put better rims on it. You can change the whole look of your car just by doing it and everyone knows it. Right now it looks sporty/racing… why? Either you want classy or you want racing when it comes to this type of look.


It’s powered by the standard-issue 403 horsepower 6.2L V8 and gets the deluxe treatment both inside and out. For an as-yet-undisclosed premium over the regular ‘Slade, the Platinum is equipped with exclusive 22-inch wheels, magnetic ride control, LED headlamps, and a new grille that borrows its style from the CTS. The big whip’s passenger cabin gets the cut & sew full-leather once-over on the IP, center console and door panels. Oh, and the cupholders are heated and cooled, too. The seats in the Platinum’s first two rows are upgraded to aniline leather with contrast-color French stitching on the seams, and the headrests in the front two get fitted with LCD screens for the back seat passengers. That’s in addition to the rearward-visibility-hampering flip-down screen in the ceiling, mind you.

And it doesn’t end there:

Segment-first, innovative LED headlamps
Escalade Platinum will be the first SUV – and one of the first vehicles of any kind – to offer Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlamps. Used previously only on concept vehicles or exotic sports cars, LED headlamps mark another step in Cadillac’s application of advanced lighting technology and design.

LED headlamps emit a greatly more precise light pattern, while emulating the characteristics of natural daylight much more closely than traditional auto lighting. LEDs are environmentally friendly, using much less power and lasting more than 20 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs. LED headlamps will be an enhancement added to the Escalade Platinum in the summer of 2008, shortly after the start of production of the Platinum model itself in the spring of 2008.

Oh and another thing… why do car makers include these punie looking tiny vieing screens that look like someone paid 5 dollars for in cars like these? Go all the way or don’t put them in at all.

Oh and lawd the comments on Autoblog about this! The are not very nice to the new ‘Slade front looks, but I’m sure someone would like to get there hands on these… that is if they ever sold them.

2008 Cadillac Escalade Platinum - Interior

(for some reason, I thought the interior would look better)

The Autoblog post came out almost 2 years ago. Guess if I am going to find out about this, then I am going to have to do research… naaaa, its not that important.

More pictures at Autoblog.

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