Music Mondays: Drake – Best I Ever Had (Video)

Its a video with meaning… did you catch iT?

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Not sure many people will get the meaning behind the video. I am sure they will see the girls being half naked and notice the score at the end. I am also sure some people will notice how well prepared Team Drake was against the opposing team. But will people get the real message of the video?

Hanging out on The.LIFE files, I noticed something; something interesting – that many people commented on how bad the video was and how it didn’t really go with the song and other such stuff. People noticed the fact that Team Drake lost (you barely see anybody losing anything anywhere on TV without somehow getting a follow-up win or a message that is so straight forward and obvious that you might as well said the message instead of playing out the scene). People noticed the fact tha the girls are fly as hell in this video.

“Epic fail” one person said (which is funny because that is EXACTLY my point) while another says, “tits and ass..NEXT..i know u can do better Drake”.

It would seem everybody is seeing the very obvious, but the hidden gem is this: If you never fall down, how do you learn to get back up?

Look how he put the team together. look at how he prepared them for the game. And even after doing that look how long it takes for him to call a time out and talk to his team? Look at who they were playing against? even if they were prepared, would they have won?

For me the point of this video is that if you want to become a champion, if you want to become a winner, you have to know how to loose.  You have to know how to take it and use it for future victories. Most of the people on the 43+ long comments totally focused on the sex, tight outfits and how the video didn’t exactly go with the song… but didn’t get the message at all.

I will agree a little bit with one persons comment:

Okay so i watched it again, and it one of those videos that get better the more you watch it and understand the meaning. I think the only problem is that it took a risk that shouldnt have been taking just yet. it throws people off because its to different of what many have envisioned it to be. Im sure Drake wasnt trying to be shallow with the Big Breasted women strecthing and there probably is a reason behind it but they failed to get the vison across to there audience. Kanye should have been following the golden rule, ” do unto others as you would do unto yourself”, because i feel he maybe didnt take full consideration of what is the best move for Drake… I understand that the trend nowadays is to be creative, but with a song that is highly successfull it probably was best just to create a video that would just add a simple visual to complement the song.

He could have made it a little more obvious, but if he did, would people be talking about it? Would people watch it again? Maybe this wasn’t the song to do it with, but I would counter that is did just what it was supposed to… make people talk and eventually think about just what the video was about.

Don’t think I forgot about what happened with Drake and Lil Wayne at the BET Awards singing about Every Girl (that they want to f**k) with pre-teens on the stage SINGING THE SONG with them… but this video moves hm back up a few notches with me.

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