Headphones Are back: WESC Ed Banger Bongo Premium

WECS Ed banger bongo

(not sure why I am hungry right now)

Would this be considered a retro move? When the iPhone and iPod came out, headphones was dieing. Earphones was in (even though I never liked them I did use them with the iPod) and it was like that for years. All you would se in NYC was an ivory white line that was plugged into someones ear. You would occasionally get the black colored earphones but that was it.

Now, all of a sudden as of maybe early 2008 i have been seeing headphones… and more headphones. Now you see the hip hipsters who are in their early 20’s doing their thing being oblivious to the world in their dome like headphones. Now I see this on Caliroots (one of the trend-i-est sites on the web) and even i have to admit i want it.

Colab design with “Ed Banger” Records! Famously managed by Busy Pedro with great artist releases as; Justice, Sebastian, Uffie, Dj Mehdi , just to mention a few. These ones works well for all that party music. Really nice “Ed Phones”… Inter changeable ear cushioning in 2 colors included!

The cost is reasonable especially since earbud headphones can cost 40+

Oh and by the way, its currently on sale for half price at 39US so if you want them, go and get them.

2 responses to “Headphones Are back: WESC Ed Banger Bongo Premium

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    I have had problem reading this blog from my iphone safari, why?

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