Glass Box At 1300 Feet! Sears Tower “The Ledge” is Open

Sears Tower The Ledge glass floor

(now this is just plain scary)

Sears Tower The  Ledge

(more pics of this here)

This has got to be the scariest thing I have ever seen. Now I don’t really have a fear of heights (that I know about) but I would be totally afriad to step out on a glass ledge at 1353 feet in the air in the US tallest building in a place that has more wind you can shake a fist at (went old school with that one).

They’ve just opened “The Ledge,” glass floor balconies located on the building’s 103rd floor. They are 1,353 feet in the air and stick out four feet from the building. It’s like that scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” but to the extreme.

Hmmm I don’t remember anything about this on Ferris Bueller Day Off… Oh and by the way, the Sears Tower will be changing its name to the Willis Tower. Yeah I know, its missing something.

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