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Grown and Sexy Sneakers: Raf Simons “Kangaroo Sneaker” In New Color

Raf Simons Kangaroo

(because your grown… because your sexy©)

Some nice smooth sneaker that could possibly get away with looking like shoes. Raf Simons (more info on him hereNYT article on the fashion here) has hit the nail on the head with this colorway.

Go ahead… impress the ladies. First seen on The.LIFE files.com


Just be glad you didn’t end up with this look…. EXTREME and CUTTING EDGE FASHION  right there, but its too much for me lol. Give me an earth-tone colors over that anyday.

Headphones Are back: WESC Ed Banger Bongo Premium

WECS Ed banger bongo

(not sure why I am hungry right now)

Would this be considered a retro move? When the iPhone and iPod came out, headphones was dieing. Earphones was in (even though I never liked them I did use them with the iPod) and it was like that for years. All you would se in NYC was an ivory white line that was plugged into someones ear. You would occasionally get the black colored earphones but that was it.

Now, all of a sudden as of maybe early 2008 i have been seeing headphones… and more headphones. Now you see the hip hipsters who are in their early 20’s doing their thing being oblivious to the world in their dome like headphones. Now I see this on Caliroots (one of the trend-i-est sites on the web) and even i have to admit i want it.

Colab design with “Ed Banger” Records! Famously managed by Busy Pedro with great artist releases as; Justice, Sebastian, Uffie, Dj Mehdi , just to mention a few. These ones works well for all that party music. Really nice “Ed Phones”… Inter changeable ear cushioning in 2 colors included!

The cost is reasonable especially since earbud headphones can cost 40+

Oh and by the way, its currently on sale for half price at 39US so if you want them, go and get them.

Glass Box At 1300 Feet! Sears Tower “The Ledge” is Open

Sears Tower The Ledge glass floor

(now this is just plain scary)

Sears Tower The  Ledge

(more pics of this here)

This has got to be the scariest thing I have ever seen. Now I don’t really have a fear of heights (that I know about) but I would be totally afriad to step out on a glass ledge at 1353 feet in the air in the US tallest building in a place that has more wind you can shake a fist at (went old school with that one).

They’ve just opened “The Ledge,” glass floor balconies located on the building’s 103rd floor. They are 1,353 feet in the air and stick out four feet from the building. It’s like that scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” but to the extreme.

Hmmm I don’t remember anything about this on Ferris Bueller Day Off… Oh and by the way, the Sears Tower will be changing its name to the Willis Tower. Yeah I know, its missing something.

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Is College Affordable Anymore?

The cost of a 4-year college
Public Private
Annual tuition and required fees, 2005-06 $5,351 $19,292
Growth in tuition and fees beyond inflation, 1995-2005 51% 36%
Median debt upon graduation $15,500 $19,400

Source: Department of Education, Spellings Commission report

degree holder earn more

So is it time to NOT go to school? Has the cost of school gone up so high that the pay increase you do get after you get the degree isn’t enough to pay for the loans? Even if you go for free, either with student financial aid, the school pays  or Mom and Dad pay – or some combination, is it worth not working full time for the next 4-6 years until you finish school?

Here is a quote from the article (if you are planning to go to school or planning to send your child, this is a must read):

Consider two childhood friends, Ernie and Bill. Hard workers with helpful families, each saves exactly $16,594 for college. Ernie doesn’t get accepted to a school he likes. Instead, he starts work at 18 and invests his college savings in a mutual fund that tracks the broad stock market.Throughout his life, he makes average yearly pay for a high school graduate with no college, starting at $15,901 after taxes and peaking at $32,538. Each month, he adds to his stock fund 5% of his after-tax income, close to the nation’s current savings rate. It returns 8% a year, typical for stock investors.

Bill has a typical college experience. He gets into a public college and after two years transfers to a private one. He spends $49,286 on tuition and required fees, the average for such a track. I’m not counting room and board, since Bill must pay for his keep whether he goes to college or not. Bill gets average-size grants, adjusted for average probabilities of receiving them, and so pays $34,044 for college.

He leaves school with an average-size student loan and a good interest rate: $17,450 at 5%. The $16,594 he has saved for college, you see, is precisely enough to pay what his loans don’t cover.

But wait there more.

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