When You Want The Best Wedding Cake Ever


(you should see these cakes!!!)

(eat it? no, frame it and put it in the livingroom)

This has to be the craziest cake I have ever seen (well not really but its pretty close). You can see more from the guy who made this particular cake here at WeddingCakes.com (how did he get that url??? lol).

Here is more info:

This stunner features five stacked tiers of vanilla and chocolate cake with floral separators of sugar flowers that include deep coral peonies and white cherry blossoms. The sugar peacock perched on the top tier was inspired by the motif of the wedding reception.

The best part about that (well, at least for me) is that its in NYC (42 Greene Street New York, NY 10013 212-625-3369). I am sure my future wife will be pleased. here are some other cool looking cakes that made my list (plenty more to see on the MSN site here)

cakelava(looks like candy rather than cake)

Colette's Cakes: Nightmare(based off of The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Ana Parzych Custom Cakes

(this looks like satin or something… crazy!!!)

So if you want a wedding cake, and you want it to look so special that you are afraid to even cut into it (talk about having your cake and eating it too), then take a look at the Delish/MSN page right here. I am so impressed that I am thinking of making a special page just about weddings for the grown and sexy including places to get your stuff at.
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