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Virgin Galactic 2 Space Plane

(can this be the future way to touch space?)

I will admit that I really want to take a look at Earth from what may be at a almost orbit close to space. There is something sexy and cool about being able to see much of the Earth curves, shapes of countries, and the deep blue sea. It would make a great romantic getaway.

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Autos: BMW S.X concept

bmw sx concept

(all I have to say is wow)


Makes You NOT Want To Go Across The Manhattan Bridge

(now thats FREAKIN scary)

And I quote:

When the Manhattan Bridge was first built, it contained a huge engineering flaw. Because the four subway tracks — two on the south side and two on the north — were built on the outside of the bridge as opposed to the center, the bridge would sway as the heavy trains drove back and forth between Brooklyn and Manhattan. As trains — and people — grew heavier, so did the stress on the bridge.

WTF??? While I was watching the video, I was trying to figure out what was making the bridge dip like that. Bridges natually move, but that dip had to be at least one foot. Watch the cllip carefully and you will see tht it only dips like that when the train is going by (you can see it better when day turns into night).

I wonder if people know the bridge is doing that while they cross it?

Nerd Alert: Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah

Steampunk Mechanical Cheetah


(You gotta see the animation)

Robotic cheetah runcycle gif animation

This is something that has an incredible amount of detail. The parts and aarticulation is incredible. basically any movement that the cat can do, so can this creation.

Source: Book of Joe

Music Mondays: 2Pac – Changes

(classic hit for the self-aware)

One of the lines in the song talks about being ready for a black president? Funy how things change. War in the Middle East hasn’t changed though.

Music Mondays: The Game featuring 50 Cent – Hate It Or Love it

(go ahead envy me…)

Music Mondays: Mr.Cheeks – Crush On You

(oh I got a crush on you baby girl)

Music Mondays: Jay Z Featuring Foxy Brown – Ain’t No N*****


Dispight the word “nigger” thrown around the song all over the place AND it biging part of the title of the song, I really was feeling this when it came out.

Autos: Fugliest Car Ever Made – Pontiac Aztek

(the fake rave entrance pretty much says it all)

I don’t have much to say about this one. I do remember seeing some guy around my way having this back in 2001. My sister and I would laugh at the guy almost everytime out of the window. then we found out he had a girlfriend and mad bets as to when she would leave him because of how gawd awefule this care looks. Low and behold, we saw like 3 arguments… two inside the car… and one next to it. after that, we didn’t see the girl much… I say its the cars fault for being so butt ugly.

The interior is nice though… watch the reviewer (who sounds like he did this review back in the 80’s) and watch how people respond to the question, “do you like this car” lol

Oh and you gotta read the Autoblog comments… FUNNY

Architecture: 2-story Open Glass PentHouse at 111 Mercer Street

Penthouse at 111 Mercer Street

(now that is one fine Penthouse)