So Is This What Is Happening In The USA?

(if this is all “lets try this”, then why is it happening?)

With everything that was said, especially by the Judge (that’s what the call him), why is it that  no one has been able to stop what they are talking about? Why hasn’t anyone who has gone to court to fight it win? And what is all this talk of Fascism? lol What happened to calling Democrats socialists?

I do agree with one thing: Note and Secured Bond holders should always be first, stockholder second and all others third. It has been that way for a while and many businesses as well as investors depend on that being the case in order to assess risck. Legally that is how it is suppossed to go down. Changing that without cactually changing the law is not a good move at all. I am not into all of the fear talk, but if you want to here more listen below.

(this is what its all about)

(continues below)

(continues some more)

(and more)

I think  I will make this my quest for the next 6-7 months (and I hope you guys follow me on this). I will be doing REAL research on this issue (and in particular these zcars that keep popping up everywhere).  I know allot of people I know who are going to scream at me for listening to this guy, but so far no one has asnwered his points very well when it comes to the auto industry as well as other related issues (at least as far as I have seen). So I will do it (mostly because I am tired of waiting for someone else to do it).

I will say this: if your argument has no counter argument, then you have no argument. If your research is only one sided, then you did not do your research.

As seen first on The Truth About

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