As seen on Autoblog Gallery
As seen on Autoblog Gallery

(^^^ how can you not like this ^^^)

Somebody actually did a review of the Camaro (from the company that we all own in one way or another) that is saying that the car isn’t as great as everyone may thing it is. It may, get this, only be truly liked by Camaro lovers, but the general public may not like the car.


I’m 6′ 2.5″  tall (yes I needed to add the .5″) and I already know I would have a hard time getting into most coupes in the first place. What he says about the car and tall people is discouraging… but I STILL WANT MY CAMARO.

Speaking of government intervention, since both Chrysler and GM are owned by us, is this the end of muscle cars? Its true that the Camaro gets pretty good mileage for what is somewhat a muscle car (18 city, 29 highway)

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