The Metallic Engraved Edition for HTC Touch HD from more

Metallic series Engraved Edition for HTC Touch HD - HT01-003 by more

(smooth cover for the HTC Touch HD by more.)

You know, I have yet to do any reviews of the devices I currently own, want to own, or I am thinking about testing out. I don’t have many phones but I sure to want to do a in depth review of the phones, gadgets and computer hardware and software that I have purchased (in particular some of the things I have purchased for my business)…. I have said all of that to say one thing


Well at least from a distance.

I do believe that this phone will be the replacement of my current phone (which I love – HTC Tilt) instead of the Palm Pre (of which I still like, but some of the reviews are not too great… I think I will test it out)

HTC T8282 Touch HD Touch Screen Quad Band  Phone (Black)

(as seen on – with video)

HTC Touch HD

(from CNET Asia, MobileCrunch and Slashphone)

My only question is that when exactly is this phone coming to the US? It seems to be everywhere else but here. I have to wonder why that is. Maybe they wanted to develop it more? I don’t know. All I do know is that my HTC phone works really well and I can only imagine how this version will do.

HTC, bring the phone to the states cause I feel really silly paying full price for it at 700+ dollars and it not being a actual laptop. Hell, the iPhone doesn’t even cost that much by itself.

Guess I will have to wait until the next round of phones releases 9as some suggest is when they will release a US version of this and other cool looking phones.

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