Rejected Transformer May Not Be Rejected After All: The Dyson Bot

Dyson vacuum confirmed for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen appearance

(who has better suction… ok, I won’t go there lol)

In the world of Transformers, anything is possible (as long as it has mostly metal in it). Here is one such possible robot that my actually make its way to the movie in some sort of bit role.

I can only imagine the vacuum cleaner turning into a robot and somehow “cleaning your clock” if you know what I mean. Your wall clock will never be the same.


Head over to to see some of the other rejected Transformers. I personally think that the wooden robot maybe isn’t the best choice, but the shopping cart I will call Aisle 3.


Aisle 3 is obviously a Decepticon… don’t know too many Autobots with knives as hands.

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