Homeless SIMS: Their names Are Alice and Kev

Homeless SIMS - are you kidding me

Somehow and someway, the homeless issue has made its way to the SIMS game. And this entry isn’t just some aimless character that just hangs out somewhere while you play the game, these 2 people have stories.

As her father dislikes children, he hates sleeping next to her. In the morning, he’s always the first to wake, and he immediately throws a tantrum and wakes up Alice to tell her to leave the room. Alice understandably responds that they’re not in a room, and she doesn’t have anywhere to go. Then they argue, and Kev seems to blame Alice for every possible thing.

Source: Alice and Kev via Crunchgear.com

This sort of upsets me. I am a firm believer that you can achieve your goals if you are willing to keep trying. even if you don’t, you still have to keep trying until you either want to do something else or your die. I guess that is sort of a “get rich or die trying” motto but it seems to be the method of madness for those who make any kind of success in their lives.

So to here/read that the person creating this SIM had to aspire to be a homebreaker but because he is crazy that he ends up coming back sometimes with no clothes on seems disheartening to me. I sort of feel like it is me.

It doesn’t help that I saw what seemed to be a homeless teenager a few days ago walking down the train platform. I could barely hold in my tears as I saw him with his head down, shoulders slumped and was walking as if the whole planet was on his back. He looked for change at the pay phone and then kept it moving; looking like he was totally without hope.

So having a homeless SIM seems a little harsh, nevertheless an interesting take on a game that seems to be all about being whatever you aspire to be.

At any rate, here is the site you want to watch if you want to find out how this goes.

And here are a couple of story lines you may want to take a look at:


Alice Has An Idea

(if your homeless would you do what she did?)

Social Rules

Social Rules

(I can only imagine why she is tired all the time)

Source: Crunchgear.com

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