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Money: Getting Ready To Retire And Live Your Best Years


CNN Money has put up an article on what you should be thinking about retirement (including calculators and retirement planners). I sure have been reading my books on money management, business and the like so that I can find a way to catch up and pass most of my peers in the same age group and hopefully leave myself with a nice chunk of change when i am done (you need to have at least 1.5 Million at your retirement age… so basically we all ahave to be millionaires lol)

Ok people, let make sure we save for retirement. As  much as our government and elected officials say that we will all have health care and social security when we get old, I have to say I truely doubt that any of those particular safetly nets will be around for our generation.

Browser Wars Continue: The New Opera Comes Out Today

(Engadget will review… so will I)

Firefox, Chrome, Flock, Safari, Opera

who will you choose? I have them all lol

Source: Engadget.com

The Noel Collection for iPhone 3G/3GS From more

Noel Collection for iPhone 3G3GS - AP05-021 by more

(this is one slick looking add-on to the iPod)

Looks sheek and stylish…

without putting a dent in your pocket


Nerd Alert: The Star Trek Communicator iPhone App

Star Trek Communicator iPhone App

(because its just freakin awesome)

Is it grown? Is it sexy? Most people will say hell no, but it is being grown and sexy when you are true to yourself and let me tell you the nerd/geek/tech lover in me loves this app.

Does the app do anything other than look AWESOME?

The spot on graphics and familiar chirping sound triggered when performing the epic cover-flip to access the communicator’s controls is pure goodness. This one is guaranteed to have serious old school Trekkies drooling like a Basset Hound. My favorite part of this app is that with one touch of a button a dialing pad is revealed that allows users to engage their communicator fantasies at will for making calls. Calling buddies for a beer run has never felt so incredibly satisfying.

SOURCE: iPhone Savior

AWESOME!!! And the price is awesome too at .99 Cents