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The Retro Movement Continues: Retromags Gets First Issue of Game Informer

First Issue of Game Informer

(geez, I hope this isn’t illegal)

Seriously, do we have time for more reto news? In the 21 Century we have become more retro than when we actually lived in the years we did this stuff in.

Does that make sence? lol

First seen on CrunchGear. Because of them, I now know that there is a whole forum based off of magazine covers that are from the 1999 and earlier.

As far as it being legal… why wouldn’t it be? scans of past magazine covers and article tib-bits that you make sure to reference illegal? Copywrite problems?

Architecture: Time To Retire In The Desert

Troon Village - Pic from Benn Hoffmann

Troon Village - Pic from Benn Hoffmann

Fortune magazine has come up with a list of 6 places to go get your retirement on. And then Forune decides that 6 places ISN’T ENOUGH!!! They also give you 12 real estate deals for retirement.

And since you are thinking about retirement, Fortune (I keep thinking Forbes for some reason when I type Fortune… hmmm) give you a list of stocks to retire on.

I say that makes things well rounded.