Music Mondays: Kwame – The Rhythm

(wow I can’t even remember this!)

I know its not Monday, but I had to post this one early (or late depending on how you are looking at it). This one definitely goes on my Old School Music page I am putting together.

Check out the fashion of the times… and the dance moves. Man, you better believe I can get down with this lol

Yes… and it gets better lol you gots to get down!!!

Oh and guess what? He did an interview too… click read more below

Watch the interview of Kwame including how The Rhythm was created (of the Boy Genuis Album)… and no he aint wearing those polka dots no more lol and yes he is looking grown and sexy

More info on Kwame:

Kwamé developed a good-natured, humorous, somewhat intellectual persona for himself during the Golden Age of Hip-Hop. Kwame’s 1989 debut album, Kwamé the Boy Genius: Featuring a New Beginning, was produced and showcased his mix of old-school rap and Native Tongues styles. The follow-up album, A Day in the Life: A Polkadelick Adventure, in 1990, was a concept album about exactly what the title said: an ordinary day in Kwamé’s life as a high schooler. His third album Nastee in 1992, wasn’t as successful as his two previous releases, nor was his fourth album Incognito, in 1994.

Kwamé was dissed by the Notorious B.I.G. on one of his songs back in 1994. Kwame took his dissing with a grain of salt and has now become a big time producer of hits under his new stage name (K-1 Milllion) for various hip-hop and R&B stars during the early 2000s. He is also a cousin of movie actor Vin Diesel

There is always a brighter day in your future even while your in the darkest of night at your present. (Not totally related, but its related enough lol)

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