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Geeky: A Coffee Table For The Ages – RGB LED Coffee Table

rgb led coffee table

(even the grown and sexy needs the latest geeky gadget/furniture)

And Now The Video

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Lamborghini Reventón Is Like Wow….

Lamborghini Reventón

(soooooo hawt!!!)

This is just straight sexy. I need this painted in mixed media form and on my wall as of yesterday! This would make a great wall painting! Oh yeah and the car is nice too! There is some news/rumor about short wheelbase yada yada yada on Autoblog.. but the picture just overcomes the story lol

Breitling Blackbird Automatic Chronograph in White Gold

Breitling Blackbird Men's Watch Automatic Chronograph 18K White Gold

(now that’s one nice watch)

$21,580 (and that is the sale price)

From The Watchery.com!!!

Music Mondays: A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation

(has to be the best song they made)

(and believe me, it  is hard to choose which song is the best)

(when it comes to A Tribe Called Quest)

Damn, almost every line in this song is just freakin fly. Listen to the lyrics in this song and you will see for yourself.

We can do like uncle L and swing a F in my jeep!

Music Mondays: Slick Rick – Hey Young World

(now this is a super classic)