Travel: Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland

The Giants Causeway

(this makes me just want to get on a plane and go)

(and I barely like getting on a plane now lol)

When I first saw the pictures, I truely thought that this was man made somehow, but as you can read below, it totally was made by nature itself:

A result of volcanic eruption, Giant’s Causeway is made out of about 40,000 interlocked basalt columns. Almost all the columns have a hexagonal shape withe the highest one standing at 12 meters in length.


the giants causeway MOUNTIANS

Giants Causeway

And look how blue the water is! Now this is a way to get back to nature. Go here if you want to clear your mind and be free.

How To Get To Belfast International Airport Northern Ireland

If your in NYC and want to travel to Belfast International Airport economy style (wouldn’t recomend it for such a long flight) the prices range from 800-1100 round trip. Business costs ranges are wider (and higher)  from 1800 to 10,000+ (what??? why?) For 9,00 more (highest rate, lowsest rate was 2100) you can go first class.

I used for my traveling needs most of the time to find rates, but (Microsoft’s new web search tool) does a pretty good job too for being new.

Hapy travels! And tell them Being Grown and Sexy sent you.

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