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I am still doing my thing behind the scenes. You can catch me on Twitter more often than anything else if you want to find out what is grown and sexy (well, at least as far as I am concerned… later on I hope to find out what YOU think is grown and sexy). I am doing a major update of a couple of my sites and it is taking up most of my time, along with school, setting up my own business (YES I AM FINALLY DOING IT MA AND PA!!!)

(just in case you want to know what I listen to)

But I promise that in the month of June you will be seeing a whole bunch of posts on tech, fine luxury, classy shoes for men and women, watches (I love to look at watches for some reason) and of course the responsible grown man or woman has to… HAS TO talk about what is going on in politics and government, business and money. Why? Because we are grown professionals who are involved in our communities and we want whats right for them… and looking sexy while we do it is just a plus. That’s what being grown and sexy is all about.

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