Stacey Dash: One Of The Hottest Over 40 Celeb I Know

stacey dash

(sure its a little photoshopped… but still she is hawt)

(and yes King Magazine is gone now… wonder what happened?)

Check this out: when she was playing a teenager on Clueless back in 1995 but considering that she was born in 1966 this means that she was 30 playing 18-20 year old. Now of course this is sort of a norm in Hollywood, but DAMN!!!

Look at her film and TV history here. Ladies (and gentlemen) all you have to do is stay healthy, live life and be happy. Oh and Stacey did do Playboy by the way. even though she is buck naked, she did it with class, so I still give her the BG and S salute.

PS, Stacey was on Sesame Street too lol

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