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I Like The Look Of This Phone: ITG xpPhone


(as you can see, this is pretty)

If this actually is a real phone (too lazy currently to read the whole article on MobileCrunch), I think I would like to try it out. I am not too sure how the keyboard would really feel but the buttons seem to be pretty far away from each other so it should be easy to type. I personally like actual keyboards more than the virtual ones such as the iPhone and Blackberry Storm but if they do improve on the virtual keyboard like what one person thinks, then maybe I will think about it.

Still, this is one good looking phone.

Apple Juice From Paris

Bom Pommillon Sparking Apple Juice

(when drinking fine wine just isn’t what is called for lol)

$17 bucks from Collette… you might want to mute the volume though

The site has auto music… gawd I hate that lol

Music Mondays: Raekwon Featuring Wu-Tang – Ice Cream

(awwwwwe man this was on repeat back in the day)

(oh and check out the fashion of the day in the vid)

Music Mondays: 3rd Bass – Brooklyn-Queens

(wow, I loved this song)

(albee square mall is gone but not forgotten)

Quimby The Mouse as seen on

This is quite interesting. And I love the music. It really captures what is going on.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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twitter3 by mafi0z of

I am still doing my thing behind the scenes. You can catch me on Twitter more often than anything else if you want to find out what is grown and sexy (well, at least as far as I am concerned… later on I hope to find out what YOU think is grown and sexy). I am doing a major update of a couple of my sites and it is taking up most of my time, along with school, setting up my own business (YES I AM FINALLY DOING IT MA AND PA!!!)

(just in case you want to know what I listen to)

But I promise that in the month of June you will be seeing a whole bunch of posts on tech, fine luxury, classy shoes for men and women, watches (I love to look at watches for some reason) and of course the responsible grown man or woman has to… HAS TO talk about what is going on in politics and government, business and money. Why? Because we are grown professionals who are involved in our communities and we want whats right for them… and looking sexy while we do it is just a plus. That’s what being grown and sexy is all about.

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Video | Lady Dior Noire Affair |

Wow… drama in the couture world coming May 20 2009. According to Selectivism, this will be a 6 minute video on Lady Dior. Now this is what I call high couture drama!!!! Complete with a tied up guy in a room.

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Luxury Art Gallery | Culture Guide | Museums | Fine Art

Ummmm well this is interesting. The Luxury art gallery from Channal (No 5 LOL)

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Music Mondays: The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By

(she keeps on passing me by)

Wooooooooow… the video is bad and the sound is bad too but that is not the point…. still a fly song. Try to get an artist to be hung upside down without some sort of protection today under them lol Go ahead, TRY IT!!!

The retro movement continues…

Stacey Dash: One Of The Hottest Over 40 Celeb I Know

stacey dash

(sure its a little photoshopped… but still she is hawt)

(and yes King Magazine is gone now… wonder what happened?)

Check this out: when she was playing a teenager on Clueless back in 1995 but considering that she was born in 1966 this means that she was 30 playing 18-20 year old. Now of course this is sort of a norm in Hollywood, but DAMN!!!

Look at her film and TV history here. Ladies (and gentlemen) all you have to do is stay healthy, live life and be happy. Oh and Stacey did do Playboy by the way. even though she is buck naked, she did it with class, so I still give her the BG and S salute.

PS, Stacey was on Sesame Street too lol

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