Paul Potts Has A Beautiful Voice – Where Is He Now?


(check out the lady judge at 1:54…)

(practically had an orgasm while listening lol)

Over the last few days, Susan Boyle was in the news and on the internet taking people by surprise. But what I would like to know is what happened to the guy who did the same thing well over a year ago on the same show Britain’s Got Talent?

Before I go into that, I think this guy right here got me to thinking that I need to go to the Opera as soon as I can because I really felt the tears. Its not a surprise that Opera and music from Wolfgang Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven stimulates the brain more than… well Beyonce, Lil Wayne, and Kelly Clarkson.

Music That makes You Stupid

Music That makes You Dumb

(you gotta take a closer look at the chart)

(is this thing scientifically backed, I am not sure)

Makes you think (well if your listening to just popular music and such, maybe you can’t think at all lol) about what most of us listens to and just how good it really is. Since art and music is generally a reflection of society, what does this say about society? LOL

Where Are They Now: Paul Potts

Well, it looks like he is currently on tour with Elizabeth Marvelly (who is that???) and does have an album out (not recent). I may just get this album and review it from a standpoint of a guy who has no clue as to what opera should sound like lol

Paul Potts also has a fan site if you are interested, he got some music that I am sure who wants you to listen to and here is some background info on him:

Paul Potts was born in Bristol on the 13th of October 1970, one of four children to a bus driver father and a mother who worked in a local supermarket. An ordinary schoolboy who later claimed he had been bullied as a child, his jobs on leaving school were also at a supermarket (stacking shelves), and at the time he entered Britain’s Got Talent he was working for the Bridgend branch of the Carphone Warehouse, a mobile phone retailer. In 1999 he had his first taste of television when he appeared on the Michael Barrymore show My Kind of Music and won enough money to enable him to travel to Italy and take singing lessons at a summer school. He sang with the Bath Opera, a local amateur company, and performed the roles of Don Basilio in The Marriage of Figaro, Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni, and the Herald in Turandot. He also toured Italy and sang with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, all of which caused some controversy on the Britain’s Got Talent show, which was supposed to be for undiscovered talent, but Potts‘ response to this was that he had never been paid for any of the performances — he had personally paid for all his training and even the Italian tour was part of the course.


Even that is inspiring. I am not for keep trying without really analysing how you can actually succeed, but this guy really believed in himself and his dream and he did it.

As Diddy would say, Lock In to your dream. Lock it in.

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