Interesting MTA Ad: Vitamin Water Train

Subway Vitamin Water Ad

(as seen on The Railfan Window Blog)

I already know they are taking the train ads to another level, but this is crazy. Well, actually its pretty cool. You just have to see the inside of the subway car cause that just makes it cooler.

They also did something cool with Atlantic Ave/Pacific Street too with MoMA

I don’t know if this would work on a normal subway train with 8 to 10 cars. If they did do it, they would have to keep it special and not do it on every FREAKIN train they have. I hope they don’t bow into pressure to do just that because it will definailty lower their ad rate and after a while NY’ers will just ignore it. Keep it special and they won’t be much of a way to ignore it at all.

Begin rant
And when exactly are they going to start using their website as a Web 2.0 portal to find shops, travel, pictures, and more? I think they are missing a grand opportunity turn turn a nice revenue for a site that most people would go to if the information on shops was there.
End Rant

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