A Very Interesting Commercial Website: Dr Pepper + Dr pepper Musuem

Dr Pepper Wallpaper 1970's

(its 2009! we got 32″ widescreeen LCD screens and standard 19″ CRT…)

(why don’t they make bigger wallpapers? lol)

Came across this site while browsing one of my favorite sneaker blogs (yes, I do collect sneakers, but I also collect mens shoes cause if your going to be grown AND sexy, you gotta have shoes lol) and decided i would click on one of their advertisments to support them and other such blah blah blah and it took me HERE to the Dr. Pepper website. Its pretty cool especially the falling soda into the glass. You gotta see it (requires Flash.. of which most computer in the US have almost by default).

What’s even cooler (to me at least) is that they also have a Dr Pepper Musuem (with website and all the fixins). Of course they have a blog (of which they actually update) and they also have a Twitter account (are big companies catching on as to how to use this stuff? maybe), a MySpace account, and a YouTube account.

I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in years… maybe more than a decade. I will admit though, that this is the first time I have thought about actually getting one in a long time.

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