Obsessed Trailer – This Movie Might Actually Be Really Good

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Wow, this movie is looking pretty good…and yes, I still wish Beyonce was the one Obsessed, but hey, it might work out for the best anyway. And the website they made for the movie is pretty clean too.

Oh and that “Get Obsessed with Ali” probably is pushing it on the social interactive level, but its still cool I guess lol

And dude, what out for that Obsessed chat pop up! She gets bananas if you don’t answer her, and she sends you pictures!  Here are some of the picture of my chat:


(loving her as a friend just isn’t good enough for her)


(when she tells me that she misses my smell… CRAZY)


(you crazy biiiiiiatch!!!!)

(I don’t know you biiiiiatch!!! but my wife’s “foot up your ass” will)


You know, this might actually be a good movie. And I will be having MAD fun with the Ali is Obsessed site.

I will beat your ASS BIATCH!!!!

(by the way, Beyonce’s fashion in this movie is on point, and so is Ali)

(Idris Elba… not so much lol)

(oh yeah, might do a award on who is the best dressed in the movie)

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