Is This Why People Hate On Beyonce So Much???

Kelly Roland

(so is it true that they did Kelly dirty?)

First read if on Crunk and Disorderly (of which seems to want to breath fire on everywhere Beyonce walks, so they may not be a unbiased source of information lol) and CD linked back to Global Grind (never really visit there much so I don’t know about them but I think I will start watching them).

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I can say one thing, I love me some Kelly!!! Goodness, I would ask her out in a second. 6′ 2″ and no drama!

But the point of all of this writing is this: Why do people hate on Beyonce so much? Does anybody have a idea? Is she really mean behind the scenes? Is that why people try their best to bring out stories that will probably only hurt those involved more than help? I just find nothing grown or sexy about any of this info, but hey, its stuff like this that made me make a blog like mine. I think we need something a little more high brow while still getting the scoop on what’s what.

But anyway, let me not get into a rant.

One response to “Is This Why People Hate On Beyonce So Much???

  • aulelia

    I think a lot of people do not like B because of her parents. I think many people look at B as an example of someone whose parents put her needs first ahead of Kellys and Michelle.

    Who will ever know the truth? I am sure many people are jealous of Beyonce because of her gorgeous looks, talent & seeming humility and mogul husband. It is easy for insecure women to look at that and be jealous.

    I am a massive fan of Beyonce but I just think people should live and let die. Matthew is not exactly the cheeriest man but I really hope Kelly’s new things will be excellent for her.

    I think Kelly & Michelle are fantastic. This has more to do with Matthew being a shoddy manager and less to do with Beyonce.

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