Political Corner: They Just Keep Spending Our Money Don’t They?

(will the revolution be televised this time?)

I don’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican, why do these guys continue to just spend, spend and spend? They guy in the video isn’t from here, but it certainly is ringing true and is the reason why the video is SUPER POPULAR right now. Last week the treasury just decided to print court 1 Trillion dollars more. Just print. Think about gold or diamonds or that high scale restaurant that has a 3 -4 month waiting list (unless you are a super star of course)… you got that in your head right now? Ok, now thing of these items being multiplied a billion times.

So now you have a billion more diamonds, a billion more high scale restaurants to go to other than the one you originally wanted and a billion more gold nuggets. Would you still PAY 100 dollars to get in a restaurant that you could just go down the block to? Would that diamond be as special if every person in the US could have 3 of them and their would still be some left over?

Now that was for a billion more diamonds and gold nuggets… now multiply that 10 times more to 1 Trillion.

You see the problem?  You could literally line the streets with gold and no one would take a second look because gold would be as plentiful as copper, wood, and rubber.

It gets worst because, as you may already know, we spent even more than that before we printed out this new money.

I don’t know what is going to happen but I did learn one thing about all of this ad that there are 2 economic theories at play here. One is Keynesian economics and the other is the Austrian School of Economics. I am definaitly going to read the Astrian version to see what I am missing. Let you know what I find when I do.

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