Is Solange On The Come Up?

solange intuition 020109

solange intuition 020109

(as seen on the YBF… she has been seen allot on there lately)

(in a good light, not a bad one most of the time)

I am going to be the first to call it. It may be a year away or more, but I think Solonge is doing some very good moves. You practically see her everywhere but it seems more about her fashion than her singing.

This, I think, is going to work. It will be a way to re-introduce herself as a singer while being very relevant as a fashioista. I think if she lands a gig (not for Dereon) as a model for some high end designer will help her tremendously…

At any rate, I think she is on the come up.  Hopefully to help that particular situation, next month I will do my best to follow her fashion profile and sightings. So she will be my official first celebrity fashion watch for the month.

So starting tomorrow march 1, it will be Solonge fashion month. She will have her own fashion page and I will do my best to follow what she is wearing and whats on her feet.. May even follow what she is doing on the grown and sexy level.

One response to “Is Solange On The Come Up?

  • sladewilson

    I think Solange will be a force soon. Even moreso than Bey, because Solange walks a different path which makes her unique. She’s not into being “popular” but more of an artist.

    She just has to make the right decisions.

    BTW – I’m doing good. So this is the new blog, huh? Looks good…

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