P90X… Does It Work?

Well, here we are with the first post of the week and I am starting with exercise. Yes, the grown and sexy are into exercise (we have to be cause we are getting fat) or at least try to work out so I will try to make sure that I write about exercise.

So here I am watching this commercial (informercial actually) after watching an hour long show on the autoshow in Detriot and they are talking about working out and “muscle confusion“. So I m wondering, is this a scam or the real deal.

Then a brain storm hit me: I will test this item out and tell you what I think. In fact this won’t be the only exercise/cell phone/gaming system/tech gadget/car/trucks/restaurants/food/travel that I will be playing with before I review it for all you grown and sexy people.

So, I will be officially ordering this thing sometime this week (probably Friday) in the hopes that I get it by Sunday of the second week (February 8th) and will chart my progress. Is it a sham? Does it work? Does it work at least a little bit?

I guess we will all find out.

(one persons view already…  lol)

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