Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network

As seen on Dr. Jays blog (nice blog that is not all about telling you whats on sale at Dr Jay’s LOL) there was an event a few days ago for the grand coming out party for WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) and Dr Jays did some brief interviews with those involved and such. I think this (and the move Ashanti did a few days ago) is great. While I am sure many people who made it do their best to give back, albeit quietly, I love to hear stuff like this that shows people who made it giving back in a very public way. McLyte, a person who graduated from one of the schools elementary schools I went to, is a Executive Board Member!!! (Yes IN CAPS lol) And check out who else is part of this. AND  ALL THESE WOMEN LOOK HOT!!!! Got to love that too 😉

For those who are truly grown and sexy, you do give back to help others get to where you are and maybe past where you are in life. Now that is one major part of being grown AND sexy.

How many times to I have to say grown and sexy for you to get it? lol

As seen on Dr. Jays (get way more info than you wanted from there): Interviews with Melyssa Ford, MC Lyte and more

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