Todd Smith Wants Even MORE Clothing Lines

As seen on Dr. Jays, LL Cool J aka Todd Smith is creating another clothing line (other as in other than the the fashion line Todd Smith). This is probably old news if you follow the gossip na dfashion sites, but I figured I would give an opinion too albeit late.

Not sure its a good idea, but if other clothing lines can have the couture line and the everybody else line under one design house, then why not celebrity artist who start clothing lines?

Its a little tired considering that everybody seems to want to create a clothing line and make it national (I think it would be better to stay local, get in the best cultural shops that are in and build hype), but the music biz aint doing to well so you goto diversify.

Anyway, I want to see this new clothing line from LL is doing with Sears. Why, though, are they calling it LL Cool J for Sears? That is like saying Phat Farm for Walmart or 50 Cent at Target. For a taste of what LL has with his Todd Smith line, you can see it at Dr. Jays (or anywhere else they sell it).

One response to “Todd Smith Wants Even MORE Clothing Lines

  • ivy

    the line of clothes is nice but everyone in the world aint small,and believe it or not ll your BIGGEST fans are more than likely big hearted people!so please get a plus size for men and women,thanks…..

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