The New Yorker Tries To Be Funny

In order to be truly grown and sexy, between buying the right fashion and tech toys while being the quintessential business professional (or owner), you have to be following the political front even if for a little bit. So you must have came across this during the last few days:

I have to say that this election year can only get more interesting lol It will be even more interesting when we either get a really old guy for president or a black guy for president. 2009 will be the year to be in I suppose. Some real history is going to be made for all of us.

My opinion? Its a bit distasteful, but I am very much the thinker (sometimes to my detriment) and I immediately (well, after a second or 2) understood what was going on here. It was The New Yorker just pointing out irrational fears of who Obama is. Complete with the fist pound (and obvious terrorist/gang symbol of thuggery), picture of Osama Bin Laden on the wall with the USofA flag burning in the fire place, wife with retro 60’s/70’s afro (fight the power) and a gun on her back. She got the, “you go boy” look on her face and he got the, “I just hoodwinked you MF’s”

I guess I understand the uproar, but to me it was a satire and a very detailed one. Much like many political comic drawings seen on (do a Google search for Political Cartoons), they tend to draw on the events of the times and have multiple meanings embedded in them. This cartoon is no different than those seen in the political cartoon circle and they can go for the jugular at times.

Nevertheless, I do believe they did go a little bit too far.

And if you think about how someone who is Muslim feels about this cartoon, it makes it worst.

The cartoon is meant to be a stab at those on the far right (and maybe those closer to center) who believe it will be the end of the world if he gets in because he is really Muslim, a terrorist, and hates whitey. I think it is also meant to address many stereo types, including that if you are Muslim, then you are going to be a terrorist…  but it doesn’t do that so well especially considering the response.

So in my opinion, all of this is uproar seems a bit pushed. Its not a great political cartoon, and in my opinion, should have been drawn better to more clearly mean what it was trying to get to.

The Fear Is Irrational

I also want to note that while even if Obama WAS all the things that some people fear, the reality is that there are 3 branches of government. While he could do some damage IF he was all these things, he wouldn’t get to far doing it. ALSO, and this is important to all of those who wish to be grown and sexy, is that you as in YOU need to be part of the political landscape. You need to vote, you need to speak to your representatives and you need to follow the political drama at least to some degree. Maybe you don’t do all, but you should do at least 1. But if we did all, we would:

  1. Know that before any major damage could be done IF… I said IF Obama was what some fear he is… would be stopped in its tracks by active citizen and the other 2 branches of our government
  2. See number one.

The rich and powerful get what they want not just because they are rich and powerful, it is because they  are involved in the political world. You too can gain power by at least getting involved and being informed enough to make some real qualified decisions about who gets hired to represent you. And if you get a person you don’t want or the person you wanted turns out to be the wrong decision, you have the power to do damage control and curtail their power until they either listen to you, or someone else gets elected.

Its the reason why some neighborhoods get more, others get less, and still more even less than that. I know its hard to believe, but I was very lucky enough to actually see this happen before my eyes.  it is quite amazing why some places don’t get something or stuff is done to them because there is no fear of reprisals from those who do not speak up.

Yes, I know the issue is deeper (way deeper), especially when it comes to black neighborhoods, but if a nation of millions can’t hold us back, why don’t we just open our mouths? I wish we not only was more apart of the political environment, but actually knew how to do it, because I think most don’t know how to or how important it is to be involved.

But this is just my opinion.

grown and sexy

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