Love The Range Rover: The Range gets an Autobiography

Get it? Auto-biography?  You don’t get it so stop playing lol

Autoblog posted this a LONG while ago, but I figured I still make a post about it. It looks like the Land Rover Range Rover (say that 3 times fast) is getting an update.

I have to say that this is a suv I would like to have in my stable of cars. I always told myself that I would only have 3 cars (one a minivan for family trips, one  car for to/from work, and one for luxury travel and having the night out on the town), but now I want to increase that number to 5. I didn’t want to have 20 cars like I see other rich well to do people have, i wanted to keep my carbon footprint down and felt that way since I was a kid. But I realize that I really would only be using the first 3 while the other car would probably not leave the garage too much (if at all).

Nevertheless, I am going to keep my “collection” of cars small. My new number limit is 5. The only way I will have more is because I created a business around having 20+ cars. I already came up with a few ideas (like helping youth build cars, a limousine service for seniors, movie rentals, mini museum, a driving educational course using my cars) if I decide that I want more than 5 cars. What are the other 2 cars I want? A drop top and a sports car. They don’t have to be brand new for me, but the minivan will needs to be new.

And I want this car… but I really like the the Buick Enclave. I don’t really want 2 suv’s. Oh decisions, decisions…

Anyway, for more info (and pics) about the new improvements, head over to Land Rover unveils Range Rover Autobiography for British show

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