Autos: Very Sweet Looking GT-R (now in Flat Black Matte finish!!!)

Basically this is going to be the hottest car out in 2009 (0r is it 2010?). And you know the Infiniti version of it will be off the chain. While the Nissan GT-R may not be considered “couture”, it will probably end up in many a mansions garage and making noise going down the street… and it won’t be Timmy the 21 year old college student from Yale driving it neither. It will be that old fart pushin 45 years old lol

There are all sorts of cars I want to have, but I try to limit myself to thinking I will only buy 5 and if I only buy 5 then what will those 5 be. I know I want the Nissan Quest (for real family trips with cousins, kids, grown folk, and real road trips), the Buick Enclave (for cruising around town, short trips with family), the Lexus GS400H (hybrid mule car for going to and from work… which may not happen if my office is in the my house lol) and 2 other cars of which one needs to be a drop top.

Anyway, my point is that of the 2 slots left, since one has to be a convertible, that it is a decision between the BMW 6 Series, the Infiniti G37, and this hawt as looking car. I think the winner is the Nissan GT-R. The funny thing is that Infiniti is basically a luxury version of Nissan so the G37 coupe will most likely get all the power and speed with a luxury package.

Man, I just don’t know. There are so many choices. Dodge and the Challenger, Chevy and the Camaro… even those four door coupes like the Mercedes CLS. Man, I better write a pros and cons list lol


More Flat Black R35 at Kultivate

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