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High End Heeled Sandal from Maison Martin Margiela

Not exactly sure why its called sandals cause they look like freakin complete shoes. I mean, so what there isn’t anything around the toes except a big toe strap? LOL I seen these on The.LIFE files weblog. They didn’t have a link to the shoe sandals so I had to COMPLETELY SCOWER the internet for them… and I found them!

They are on eLuxury for $595.00 and yes they are very expensive sandals. The best part if that they have other colors. Here is the description they have on the site:

Throughout his career, Martin Margiela has maintained a low profile, seeking to focus on his groundbreaking work rather than his fame. This discretion is reflected in Margiela’s elegant, forward-thinking designs. Originally from Leuven, Belgium, Margiela is an original member of the legendary Antwerp Six fashion collective, and formerly designed for Jean Paul Gaultier and Hermés before launching his Paris-based collections.

If I was a women, I would get them. I mean they are made in Italy for crying out loud. NOT ALLOT OF SIZES LEFT so if you are going to get them, you better do it now.

I Like The LG Shine

One Big Commercial About Shiny New Tech Toys lol

Don’t know too much about the phone by LG, but I like that shiny mirror like finish. I don’t know if I will start seeing women staring into their phones to see what they look like, but its still an interesting concept.

LG Shine at AT&T

All Sorts Of Videos

Review of Shine at CNET

Love The Range Rover: The Range gets an Autobiography

Get it? Auto-biography?  You don’t get it so stop playing lol

Autoblog posted this a LONG while ago, but I figured I still make a post about it. It looks like the Land Rover Range Rover (say that 3 times fast) is getting an update.

I have to say that this is a suv I would like to have in my stable of cars. I always told myself that I would only have 3 cars (one a minivan for family trips, one  car for to/from work, and one for luxury travel and having the night out on the town), but now I want to increase that number to 5. I didn’t want to have 20 cars like I see other rich well to do people have, i wanted to keep my carbon footprint down and felt that way since I was a kid. But I realize that I really would only be using the first 3 while the other car would probably not leave the garage too much (if at all).

Nevertheless, I am going to keep my “collection” of cars small. My new number limit is 5. The only way I will have more is because I created a business around having 20+ cars. I already came up with a few ideas (like helping youth build cars, a limousine service for seniors, movie rentals, mini museum, a driving educational course using my cars) if I decide that I want more than 5 cars. What are the other 2 cars I want? A drop top and a sports car. They don’t have to be brand new for me, but the minivan will needs to be new.

And I want this car… but I really like the the Buick Enclave. I don’t really want 2 suv’s. Oh decisions, decisions…

Anyway, for more info (and pics) about the new improvements, head over to Land Rover unveils Range Rover Autobiography for British show

Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network

As seen on Dr. Jays blog (nice blog that is not all about telling you whats on sale at Dr Jay’s LOL) there was an event a few days ago for the grand coming out party for WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) and Dr Jays did some brief interviews with those involved and such. I think this (and the move Ashanti did a few days ago) is great. While I am sure many people who made it do their best to give back, albeit quietly, I love to hear stuff like this that shows people who made it giving back in a very public way. McLyte, a person who graduated from one of the schools elementary schools I went to, is a Executive Board Member!!! (Yes IN CAPS lol) And check out who else is part of this. AND  ALL THESE WOMEN LOOK HOT!!!! Got to love that too 😉

For those who are truly grown and sexy, you do give back to help others get to where you are and maybe past where you are in life. Now that is one major part of being grown AND sexy.

How many times to I have to say grown and sexy for you to get it? lol

As seen on Dr. Jays (get way more info than you wanted from there): Interviews with Melyssa Ford, MC Lyte and more

Trump International Hotel & Tower in Dubia Is Looking Good

For those of us who got that money, they may be interested in living or at least staying temporarily at this hotel/tower being built on what once was just ocean.  One living quarters (penthouse actually) in the tower is going for 30 Million. While that may sound like allot for many people, it will probably end up being a bargain for others willing to live and play on the new island of Palm Jumeriah at Dubai.

I don’t know if I would want to live there, but it looks like a great place to visit.

As seen on (another favorite site of mine to go to): Trump Plans $30 Million Dubai Penthouse

They have way more info and way more pics of other Trump projects so check it out.

Tatoos With Style: Check Out Rihanna’s Tattoos

I love me some The.LIFE Files. I wish them well because people who are grown and sexy like the finer things, also like rap, also like to have fun, and also like a little gossip now and then too lol. Here we have Rihanna showing off the Tattoos that she can show you. I am not too much of a sexist (even though I am admitingly old school and I do open doors for the ladies), but I like women who don’t have the crazy tattoos all over their bodies. What Rihanna has is very smooth and even feminine. It also is sort of secretive too. She made some good choices when it came to the tattoos that we can see LMAO

More on The.LIFE files: Check Out Rihanna’s Tattoos (The One’s That She Can Show)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Helps Develop Black Barbie

Just saw this on The.LIFE files. For more take a look. Very interesting and I agree, I can not wait to see Ken.

Lets Travel: Worlds Largest Hotel On The Water

Now this is luxury!!!

I think this is something we all can get behind (as long as it floats and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg). I would love to travel more myself, but so far I haven’t… actually I never left the East Coast lol Now that is a pretty limited travel experience. I think we all should see what’s out there to see and feel that there are other ways of looking at things. Nt everything is a big city or a small town.

I would love to see the floor plans for this thing. Heck, I would love to see all of the architectural drawings drawings for this (including any videos). For more, head over to The.LIFE.Files

The.LIFE Are People Still Doing Cruises???

Rapper Eve’s Fetish Line Lives Again

Just in case you have not heard for whatever reason, here is where I saw it first. If she can swing it and make it work this time, I think it can be a successful brand. It sounds cool, and has a market focus that I think will work if the business is manged right. I think she should have her grown and sexy line and have the “IN YOUR FACE” wear too… just make sure its done in taste. Either that or just go for the grown and sexy.

Well, I hope they make it this round. More info on Dr.

When Your Just Chillin On The Block: The Basic AD Jean by Artful Dodger

Can the grown and sexy pull this off?

I love me some Karmaloop!!! I don’t know why I never noticed the site before, but now I am so glad I noticed. I like these jeans and no its not professional wear or even what I would consider urban casual, but is adult enough and cool enough to wear for those in the grown and sexy croud.

If you want them, go get them. They are on SUPER SALE for $99.99 (usual price is $125). It will work well with this t-shirt:

I Got 99 Problems by Sneaktip $24.99

That is, if your into sneakers 😉