NOT Grown and Sexy » What’s Wrong With This Picture???

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This is not grown nor is it sexy. She is doing her thing though, no problem with that, but that’s stuff you keep on the private. How it made its way onto the interwebz I don’t know.

As a guy, I have to say that I am not impressed… now if she gave me a 3/4 view from the back then maybe that would work better. lol

I don’t know… maybe I’m just too into tech, fashion and things that will help make life better (of which includes staring my own business, understanding how money/finance works and politics).


I will be posting allot in the coming weeks. some stuff you will see and others you won’t until sometime later. I got soe real cool plans for this blog. Mostly it will be a focus on tech and fashion, but will interject from time to time other issues that effect the grown and sexy of which is money, housing, family and politics (come on people, closed mouthes don’t get feed).

I hope you enjoy my nerdy tech and fashion blog… with an attitude.

Oh and here is the link to the original story on the picture at the top:

Bossip » Archive » What’s Wrong With This Picture??

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