Motley Fool Has CAPS… If you invest, this is a good tool

I just bumped into this as I was looking up stock p/e ratios from all the “tips” I was getting from the Fox Business Network… yes I said the Fox Business Network (black people do watch Fax here and there lol). When you look up a company, you get all the info you may need to decide whether or not you want to buy or not. Ok, ok… not ALL the info you need, but its allot; Stuff you can actually use. The best part is that it does some calculations of more than just the p/e ratio (p/e ratio basically tells you if the company is a bargain to buy or may be too expensive… your will need more info before buying or selling a stock or mutual fund but this helps). They also give you a 5 year look back of some of the ratios. 5 years is good, but 10 is better (step it up CAPS).

Between Motley Fools CAPS and Yahoo Finance, I think I will be ok. I know there are ALLOT more sites that can help with investing, but I need to check them out first (some I read in Benjamin Graham book The Intelligent Investor).

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