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I MISSED IT MAN!!! LRG x Courvoisier eBay SpeciaL

iPhone FROM LRG x Courvoisier

Freaking HAWT. I wouldn’t have gotten that though (would have gotten the Blackberry). But you can read what I would have gotten at Sneakers and Shoes. Link Below:

In Fashion News: LRG x Courvoisier eBay Special… I MISSED IT « Sneakers And Shoes

Closing Chain Stores… Goody’s, Zales, Talbots and Others

OMG what is happening? Looks like allot of chain stores are in trouble. Gas is going up and anything that uses gas is making prices of those items go up means that people don’t have that disposable money. It could also be that some of these stores just over built and now they have too many stores… but any way, here is some (just SOME) of the stores that are either closing their doors forever or closing different stores locations across America

Store: Goody’s Family Clothing
Stores Closing: 103
Why? Tennessee-based Goody’s announced June 9 that it was filing a voluntary petition for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in Delaware, where the company is registered.

Store: Ann Taylor
Stores Closing: 117
Why? At the end of January, Ann Taylor announced plans to close 117 underperforming stores by 2010, in an attempt to make the retailer “more agile,” according to CEO Kay Krill.

Store: Linens ‘n Things
Stores Closing: 120
Why? Its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing on May 2 included news that it would close 120 underperforming Linens ‘n Things stores.

Store: Disney Store
Stores Closing: 98
Why? At the beginning of May, The Walt Disney Co. announced it was assuming management of 220 Disney Stores in North America, which had been run by Children’s Place. Disney plans to close 98 of the stores in the U.S. and two in Canada.

Store: Fashion Bug
Stores Closing: 150
Why? In early February, retailer Charming Shoppes announced it would shut down 150 underperforming stores, including 100 Fashion Bug stores, 4 Petite Sophisticate stores, and the remainder a balance of Lane Bryant and Catherine’s stores.

Store: Sprint Store
Stores Closing: 125
Why? The wireless carrier announced in mid-January that it would cut 4,000 jobs and close 125 Sprint stores, reacting to a steep drop in its customer base.

Store: Sharper Image
Stores Closing: 90
Why? As it navigates its way (with a battery-powered Swiss army knife, no doubt) through Chapter 11 bankruptcy, gadget and gift retailer Sharper Image plans to close about roughly half of its 184 stores.

Store: Talbots
Stores Closing: 78
Why? At the beginning of the year, Talbot’s announced that it would shut down 66 Talbots Kids and 12 Talbots Mens stores by September, costing 800 employees their jobs.

Store: Zales Jewelers
Stores Closing: 105
Why? The poor economy is taking its toll on luxury vendors and so the jeweler is closing 50 kiosks and 55 full-size stores — leaving it with 2,145 locations.

Store: Saks Fifth Avenue
Stores Closing: 1
Why? The Saks Fifth Avenue store in the Galleria Mall in Fort Lauderdale is the only one of 54 on the sales rack in this round of cutbacks � the company hasn’t shed stores since it closed eight in 2004.

Source: AOL Money and Finance

There are about 36 different stores mentioned. I was surprised Saks Fifth Ave was there but then again, I wasn’t aware that they had other stores at different locations.

Link: Apparel Chain Goody’s Files Chapter 11 – AOL Money & Finance

Most Affordable Housing Markets – aka Maybe Your Should Move

This is for the truly grown and sexy. If you live in NYC, you know the cost to live here is out of this world. The 12,000 dollars I pay in rent (and believe me that is not the average cost of rent here) in 5 years could pay for half of my mortgage (more actually). Believe me, I think I am going to move LOL. Now that is going to be a long drive home every weekend (cause I wouldn’t be going home everyday… that’s too crazy).

Move my sister and my Mom in the house, get some renters (maybe college students – and their parents pay the rent – to live there), or maybe start a day care. Got plans man, hope you do too.h

Link: National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Opportunity Index: Most Affordable Housing Markets

Sandals and Purses… for Men? Male Celebrity Fashion Crimes

You have to see this for yourself. CELEBRITY FASHION CRIMES: MANDALS, MURSES & MANPRIS

Sure, male celebs are rich and famous, but does that mean the rules of fashion don’t apply to them? Judging by the amount of man sandals (mandals), man purses (murses) and man capris (manpris) we’ve spotted on Hollywood hunks, the answer, apparently, is no! Our first culprit: Matthew McConaughey, who’s been spotted all over town with this mega-murse designed by fiance Camila Alves. “I wear her bags daily!” he says. Hey Matt — the operative word is her!

Source: stylelist

Link: Male Celebrity Fashion Crimes – stylelist

So What IS The Economic Plan, Obama?

Don’t get me wrong here, I like Obama (I’m a Democrat, albeit a conservative Democrat) and I also like Hillary, but that doesn’t mean I will just give them a pass because I’m a Democrat and McCain is a Republican.

When it comes to economic policy, Barack Obama’s standard campaign crack that a John McCain administration would amount to a third term of George W. Bush contains an awful lot of truth. Yes, McCain is a different man, with a different history, who will face a different set of challenges and opportunities than Bush has. But look through McCain’s campaign pledges on the economy, and for the most part they really do amount to a continuation of two key policy priorities of the Bush administration: cutting taxes and moving more economic decisions (and responsibilities) into the hands of individuals.

McCain economic adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin tried over the weekend to make the case that it’s Obama who more closely resembles Bush because they’re both big spenders. But it’s hard to see that one sticking. If this election becomes a referendum on the recent performance of the U.S. economy, Obama wins and McCain loses. It’s as simple as that.

Source: Time

I am all for raising taxes for people who have more disposable money as well as raising taxes for businesses, BUT I don’t want blind taxation. I want smart taxation. 150,000 dollars a year might sound like allot to me and you (for me, that is changing… 150,000 a year don’t sound so great to me any more but at the same time its still allot) but I don’t think its allot for a family of 3.

And if you are going to tax those who earn, say over 200,000 a year, lets put that new tax to things we need now like investing in our infrastructure (roads, train, airports, electric grid, fuel distubution and so forth). Imagine taking a train going 300MPH to Florida from New York and get their in 8 hours 9or less… I don’t feel like doing calulations on how far NYC is from say Maimi and how long it would take to ge there at 300MPH lol). We are in dire need of investing in our infrastructure especially our trains, bridges, tunnels and airports.

Taxing oil companies for their windfall sounds great, but it would be better if they were allowed to use that money on new technology and R&D for new fuel deposits and such. I think they would do a better job at finding more resources then the government would.

I don’t want taxes, I want smart taxation and investment.

Link: What Is Obama’s Economic Plan? – TIME